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Zero to one-woman-show in two weeks?


One of my talented clients had this dream of creating and acting in her own one-woman-show.
When I asked her when she’s gonna do it, she said she’ll start working on it in three months.
I said “How about doing it, actually running the first one, IN TWO WEEKS?”.
She freaked out. She found all these reasons why she couldn’t.
I helped her see that it’s all just fear, and that there was nothing stopping her from doing it in two weeks.
She agreed and committed to it.

Her solo show is tomorrow night.

She just shared with me that she had one of the best weeks of her life, and she’s totally excited about tomorrow.

I am as excited to see a person step into their power, into who they really are, into their gift, and ultimately into their destiny.

This is it people!

Stop waiting to be ready.
Stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough, that you need to study more, that you need to wait until XYZ happen, that you need someone else to help you, or the worst of them all, that it’s too late.

It’s not about you, so start sharing your gift.

Let me know if you need some guidance with that.
If you are ready to fully commit to yourself – I can help.