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Ejaculation control – Last longer – Free video training

Ejaculation Control ProgramEyal’s ground-breaking program will allow you to last longer in bed, pleasure your partner and gain confidence as a man.

It’s not just about sex and relationship.

Harnessing your sexual energy will also transform your business!

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Orgasm Unleashed by Eyal MatsliahBooks by Eyal

Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing, and power.

This book summarizes years of study and my own personal experience with friends, lovers and clients. It will teach you how to pleasure, heal and empower yourself – by yourself, and later share that with your lover. Whatever your current experience of orgasm is – it will transform. ‘Orgasm Unleashed’ will also teach you how to harness this energy in your daily life. Click to buy or read a free 60 pages excerpt.

Read “Orgasm Unleashed” here

20 mistakes men make while trying to last longer

Men don’t have good sources to learn about sex, so they get one piece of advice from here, another from there, and this leads to mixed results. Sometimes they last longer, and at other times, they come too quickly.

Sounds familiar?

This is because there are some common mistakes that many men make. These errors lead to them having inconsistent results, or worse, even premature ejaculation.

Learn about the common 20 mistakes men make, and what to do instead:

Read “20 mistakes” guide here


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  3. I had the mixed blessing of having a mother who was distracted by her own problems to such a degree that she did not interfere with my young sexuality. I grew up following my instincts and doing only what came naturally to me because I wasn’t taught what was considered “acceptable.” I was masturbating from a very young age externally only because I had no access to a toy for internal use and hadn’t yet learned to be more creative with available objects. As soon as I was 14 and got my hands on a vibrator I immediately began internal masturbation which I did constantly and often with a mirror (which is now a suggested masturbation method for women learning to orgasm.) I never again used the vibration feature of the vibrator once I discovered it only made me numb so I was just using it as a dildo. Anyway I’m now almost 33 and always orgasm when I’m penetrated with an object or a penis. It doesn’t matter what position either. I orgasm so consistently with penetration that I quickly get to the point where I can no longer remember that one time I was unable to orgasm. Also with penetration I tend to orgasm faster and have to work at controlling myself because my husband usually needs longer. And yes the orgasm is deeper, more intense, and more satisfying for me personally! I recently learned to orgasm with clitoral stimulation but it can take two hours for me which is frustrating and boring plus I do experience that kind of orgasm exactly as this post describes: sharp, short, and unfulfilling. Sorry for my long post. My point is only that I believe female orgasmic capacity is being scared and trained out of women from childhood which is a tragic unfairness to women and their partners both. It doesn’t have to be this way though!

  4. Oh my god. You are clearly NOT a woman. Please don’t ever write about a woman’s experience with orgasms when you seriously have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!!

  5. This may be true. But if you’re partner is a knob (pardon the pun) who cares nothing for your satisfaction, the liklihood of orgasm like on is nil anyway. Besides, most men know practically NOTHING about a woman’s anatomy. They have to be taught. You have to teach them! Ladies, stop depending your partner for that and get to know your body and love it!

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