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About Intimate Power

Intimate Power is an organization dedicated to the following goals:

  • Bringing the teachings of Tantra to the western world in a practical and non-dogmatic way
  • Providing sexual education and empowerment to women and men of all walks of life
  • Integrating sexuality ideas and practices to the fields of wellness, personal development, coaching, counseling, education for all ages, business, and spirituality
  • Mentoring sexuality practitioners to serve their clients in better ways
  • Changing societal and cultural perceptions of sex and sexuality
  • Transforming the sex industry into a harmonious, empowering, acceptable profession (see our “vision for a conscious sex industry” here)
  • Providing support for victims and abusers alike

We hold workshops and talks around the world, publish books, articles and videos, appear on interviews, and create online programs to further the organization’s goals

About Eyal Matsliah, the founder of Intimate Power

Eyal Matsliah of

My name is Eyal Matsliah, and I’m a sexual empowerment coach.

At IntimatePower, I help people use their sexual energy to unleash their full potential.

As a coach, I help professional women enjoy self love, sacred sex, and abundant creativity.

Once they learn to love and accept themselves, they are able to express their higher gifts, help more people, and make more money.


Orgasm Unleashed by Eyal MatsliahI am the author of “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power”, an orgasm guide for women, which has been endorsed by sexuality industry leaders such as Layla Martin and Bonnie Bliss, who described it as “the best orgasm guide for women”. It teaches a woman how to become deeply orgasmic by herself, and later share that with her partner. Download a free sample or get the gorgeous paperback at

I also publish blogs and online programs, and hold coaching sessions, public talks and weekend workshops.

I have been fascinated by sexuality, spirituality, and business since an early age.

Throughout my life I have yo-yo-ed between these different realms, never quite finding where I belong.

I discovered Tantra in 2005 and it changed my life. I realized I have been practicing it before i even knew what it was.

I lived for seven years on a tropical island in an alternative community, exploring Tantra, Yoga, spirituality, attending workshops and seminars, doing months of meditation retreats every year, studying philosophies, practicing different healing modalities, and turning my hobbies into income streams.


This website, my coaching sessions, and my transformational workshops are about the exploration and integration of sexuality, creativity, business, lifestyle, and spirituality.

My greatest satisfaction is helping someone step into their power, own  their sexuality, and turn their gifts into an offering they can charge for.

Check out some things that my client say about me and about their experience.

I am here because I’m dedicating my life to studying and practicing what I’m passionate about, because I’m totally committed to my purpose, and because I studied with amazing teachers.
They include: Swami Vivekananda Saraswati (Agama Yoga), Sahajananda (Hridaya yoga), David Deida, Baba Dez (ISTA), Tony Robbins, Sasha Cobra, and my closest friends. My lovers and clients have probably taught me the most profound lessons.

This website, my work, and my life, are consecrated and dedicated to the realization and expression of our highest potential and our divine self.

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  1. Working with Eyal changed my life. I feel there is more ME in the
    world after the proces of coaching, bodywork and workshops. I am lovable, and I
    don’t have to be perfect before I show myself.
    Before working with Eyal I was stuck in my life. Stuck in patterns, stuck in a way of thinking, in a heaviness and tiredness, in a way of relating to myself and others. I was hiding. I was not satisfied with my sex life. I was looking for more meaning,
    for joy and fulfillment.

    Eyal saw patterns, habits, ways of thinking, and victimhood tendencies
    that I never would have seen myself.
    He didn’t make me depend on him, he empowered me to make changes by
    myself intergrated in my life. It was not a quick fix, entertaining way of
    working. I’ve done daily excercises and homework to really change things things
    in my life, with real people, in real situations. I was so dedicated to change.

    Eyal is very loving, honest, direct and I have always felt respected and supported by him. He would hold the space whatever I did or went through.
    I loved the co-creation of which I became more and more aware. With the
    dedication of both of us invigorating each other, the dynamic often created
    magic. The intense pleasure of the physical world as well as the dimension of
    the divine were surprisingly close by.

    I’ve done many things way out of my comfortzone and found inmens self
    love, self knowledge and a feeling of interconnectedness.
    My level of living has increased. My lows are less low, and there is
    more self love and acceptance in a low, and in undermining thoughts and fears.
    Daily I experience whooshes of ‘in love’ feelings, in love with myself, with
    life, with my life.
    I’m feeling a gratitude which can’t be expressed in words.

    • Thank you Anneka . It was amazing to work with you and see your openness to coaching, your dedication to your growth, and subsequently, your growth and transformation. Much love. e

  2. Before working with Eyal there was a lot of insecurity in me holding me back from reaching my goals. I knew about goal setting and what I had to do to become the woman I know I am, but I was very scared of what people might think if I would express myself and share my gifts with the world.

    Eyal has a very strong masculine energy, which was exactly what I needed to cut the drama bullshit and go beyond my self sabotage. A bit scary and confronting at first, but because he shares it with such deep love and devotion to my growth, I could completely trust him and receive his teachings. I don’t think any woman could have helped me grow sexually and financially, the way Eyal did. Some things in life we really do need a man to teach us, ladies! Also, some steps we can not take by ourselves. Not because the step is impossible, but because we are so damn good at sabotaging ourselves.

    Eyal has helped me to express my sexuality which has had an direct effect on how I express myself in life in general. I feel more powerful and confident and I am more aware of the unique gift I have to share with the world. Besides that Eyal encouraged me to charge more for all the value I share, so I have more time to do what I love: helping ambitious men to become more passionate & successful in life.

    If you are serious about yourself and sharing your gifts with the world and you are ready for some kick-ass-no-drama coaching that leads to immediate results like being more sexual, more happy, and having more income, than Eyal is definitely your man.

    What I appreciate about Eyal is that he is very transparent. He’s not some guru claiming to be perfect, but he shares about his own insecurities and challenges. That makes the path to success look very doable. He is extremely devoted to getting the best out of you, helping you to share your gifts so we can all create a better world together! I’m very grateful to have this wise, strong, caring man in my life. It’s so good to have someone that is a few steps ahead of you in the game, that can always show you the next steps to take on the path of your own success in life. Looking forward to work with him more.

  3. I had only one session with Eyal but this gave me a lot and was inspiring
    for me.

    I’m relationship counsellor for women and came to session in a state of
    being stuck and not wanting to share my gifts with people anymore. I knew I can
    do a lot but lost all my active energy for it and stopped all my work with
    people already for 1 month before the session.

    In the session Eyal helped me to see some old limiting believes and thoughts
    that constantly were putting down everything that I was doing and results that
    my clients were receiving through work with me. I found out that critical part
    of me demands mega-results from myself and my clients and actually thinks that
    all I do worse nothing because I don’t see life transformation in participants
    from my first 2-days Tantra workshop. So no wonder I did not want to do anything anymore!

    Seeing it and following Eyal’s offer to focus on positive vision brought inspiration and great release.

    After session I decided to learn to appreciate myself and start seeing my
    client’s results. And it really works! It gave me a lot of energy so now after
    3 weeks of session I’m full of inspiration, planning 3 new Tantra workshops in
    next 3 month and fully enjoyed and appreciated 21-hour dance marathon that I’ve
    leaded few days ago.

    It’s amazing how I went from deep depression to joyfull expression just in
    few weeks! In last 3 weeks I had sessions with other therapists as well and
    have done a lot of other practices so this energy shift is not just result of
    session with Eyal. But session with him is definitely a big part of it. Thank
    you, Eyal!

    I really appreciate how Eyal values what he offers to people and how he
    sells it and make you value it as well. This is really good example for me and
    something special that I’ve got from Eyal’s energy field. Eyal is good in
    cutting off negative limiting believes and freeing you to do what your soul
    wants to do. I appreciate Eyal’s strong, male but sensitive way of leading
    session. And of course I appreciate how much love, care and presence Eyal has put
    into work with me. Our session was more than 2 hours hours instead of 1 hour which
    shows me how much he cares and ready to give.

    With love and gratitude, Sugandha Deva

    • Thank you @Deva.
      It was a pleasure to have that sessions with you and see you start believing in yourself.
      Looking forward to hearing back in a few months about how you’re doing.
      I’m sure you’re going to ROCK IT!

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