Intimate Power
Transform Your Business and Life with Sexual Empowerment

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Transform your sexuality, creativity and business with my guidance.

I am a Tantric life coach integrating sexuality, creativity and business.

I help leaders embrace eros to deepen purpose, freedom and joy.

  1. Coaching for men – Sex, women, mission, biz, freedom and  lifestyle 
  2. Coaching for women – Becoming multi-orgasmic, connecting to your deep feminine essence and sharing your gifts with the world
  3. Goddess awakening – In-person and bodywork sessions for women and couples 
  4. Mentoring for sexuality practitioners

Eyal helped me become a successful men’s coach and improve my relationship

Eyal has helped me significantly to sort through the many limiting beliefs I was carrying that held me back in life. Ultimately he has helped me to fully recognise my gifts and develop the confidence necessary to share these gifts with others. He also helped me to overcome my blockages around money and business and to realise that these aspects of life can also be conscious. Because I now have much more confidence and energy my creativity has gone through the roof and I’ve decided to build my own Coaching Business with Eyal’s help and support.

“He offered practical pointers for transformation, advancement & expression.”

My session with Eyal was transparent and honest, in a way that allowed me to share of my experiences and hopes and be met by him in a way that challenged the status quo and affirms what’s already present in me. I felt that Eyal valued my business direction and validated my sexual experiences, while offering practical pointers for transformation, advancement and expression. I feel he believed in my own self-empowerment enough to give me tools and tips to succeed, and I’m very grateful.