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Please find Eyal’s media kit here.

Eyal has been featured in the following media:


December 2018

Blaire Lindsay interviews Eyal for Embodied&Radiant program

November 2018

The Bad Girls Bible/ Conscious Sex and How Men Can Last Longer In Bed

Reader’s Digest/ The Real Reasons Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Katya Nova interviews Eyal – Reclaiming Intimacy After Childbirth

October 2018

Sharon Hoffman/ Interviews Eyal

Anahita Joon/ Interviews Eyal

September 2018

Ilsa Fay The Fit Witch/ Interviews Eyal

Ecstatic Dance DJ Polyesta /Interviews Eyal

August 2018

Be The Best You Podcast/ Embracing Our Sexuality and the Female Orgasm

Consumer Health Digest/ What Does Orgasmic Really Mean?

January 2018

ProudToBeKinky Podcast/ Orgasm Unleashed with Eyal Matsliah
Stereo-typed Podcast/ Female Orgasms and Empowerment

October 2017

Iland TV/ Interviews Eyal

The First Social / Radio Interview

September 2017

Tantra Wisdom by Anita DeFrancesco/ Orgasm Unleashed with Guest Eyal Matsliah

Intimacy TV/ What’s Really Missing From Your Seemingly Perfect Life

August 2017

Huffington Post/ Emotionality: 7 Effective Ways to Deal with Emotions

July 2017

“The Hook up on Triple J/ABC / Dealing with premature ejaculation

The Divine Masculine/ Awaken Your Divine Masculine Summit – Interview

George Wilder Jr. Show on BlogTalkRadio Network/ Eyal Matsliah, Sexual Empowerment Coach on the George Wilder Jr. Show

Mission Driven: The Long Short Way Podcast/ How to Develop Your Sexuality Without Compromising Your Values

June 2017

The Awakening Men/ Interview with Eyal Matsliah

The Blissrunner Podcast/ Orgasm Unleashed with Eyal Matsliah

April 2017

Orgasmic Discourses with Mariah Freya/ Intimate Power with Eyal

Fran Woodruff Podcast/ Interview with Eyal Matsliah for Virgins, Whores and Temple Goddesses series – an exploration of women’s sexuality, sensuality and authentic way of being in the world.

March 2017

Amber Leitz Podcast/ Hour-Long Orgasms, Deep Sexual Healing & Surrendering to the Masculine with Eyal Matsliah

Lucia Gabriela/ How sexual empowerment transforms your life with Eyal Matsliah

Self:Cervix / Interviews Eyal

February 2017

Melissa Ambrosini Podcast/ Unleashing Your Orgasm For Pleasure, Healing And Power With Eyal Matsliah

An Inspired Life Podcast/ Tantric Orgasms with Eyal Matsliah

The Sacred Medicine Podcast/ Beyond the Clitoral Orgasm with Eyal Matsliah

Huffington Post/ Conscious Career – The Seven Aspects of Being Paid for Doing What You Love

January 2017

Huffington Post/ What’s really missing from your seemingly-perfect life?

The Successful Male/ Is There Something Missing From Your Seemingly Perfect Life?

December 2016

Helena Nista/ I Am a Slut – My Coming Out Story

Huffington Post/ Unconventional Female Orgasm Secrets That Actually Work

November 2016

Tantrapunk/ Resisting the Compulsion to Ejaculation

Omooni/ 20 Mistakes That Prevent Men From Lasting as Long as They Want

Huffington Post/ Is your partner supporting you or stopping you from growing?

October 2016

Huffington Post/ Are we sexually repressed and don’t know it?

Omooni/ 5 Steps to Full Ejaculation Control and Kundalini Orgasms

September 2016

Terra Femina/ 9 Tips to Have the Best orgasm of Your Life (In french)

My Tiny Secrets/ 7 Different Orgasms You Need to Have Now [For Chicas?]

Forge Your Life Podcast/ FYL Podcast Episode #053- Eyal Matsliah | Intimate Power

Susana Frioni Podcast/ Unleash your orgasm with Eyal Matsliah

August 2016

Casey Radio/ Interview With Dr. Linda Wilson on 97.7 Casey Radio

My Tiny Secrets / Ejaculation Is So Oldschool – The Cool Kids Don’t Ejaculate

My Tiny Secrets / 7 Simple Techniques to Extend Your Next Orgasm

Your Primal Essence/ Hacking Masculinity: 12 Hacks to Help Men Be Awesome


July 2016

Subtle Disruptors / Eyal Matsliah: Embracing our sexuality for an integrated life – SDMEL24

June 2016

Unstagnate / Interview on “Unstagnate” by Almog Flitter

April 2016

Bustle / How To Solve Common Sexual Issues, Because They May Be Mental, Physical, Or Both / Should I refrain from sex until I find love (In Hebrew)

March 2016

Your Tango / 12 Unconventional Tips To Reach The Best Orgasm You’ve Ever Had!

Bustle / 8 Things Every Woman Should Do Alone At Least Once

Your Tango / 8 Different Kinds Of Female Orgasms And How To Make Them Happen

February 2016

Live Tantra / Interview by Shashi Solluna of “Live Tantra” about “Orgasm Unleashed”

3CR Radio Interview / Interview by Jude Alexander

November 2015

My Tiny Secrets / 7 Simple Techniques to Extend Your Next Orgasm ♡

Your Tango / 7 Ways Faking It Can Actually Help You Orgasm

Your Tango / Female Orgasm: 9 ways to cultivate an orgasmic state of mind

September 2015

SoundCloud / Elise Savaresse from the ‘Self pleasure revolution’ interviews Eyal

June 2015

Raw Attraction Magazine / How Sound Will Give You Stronger Orgasms (GUARANTEED)

March 2015

Loving domination, masculine essence and worshipping the feminine /Male Sexual Power with Eyal

August 2014

Change magazine / Article by Judith Webber (In dutch)

July 2014

Mariah Freya / Sexuality, mission, and chocolate – Interviewed by Mariah Freya of Orgasmic Discourses

December 2013

Elephant Journal / How I became a Sexual Healer ~ Eyal Matsilah {Trigger Warning}

October 2013

Elephant Journal / 7 Effective Ways To Deal With Emotion. ~ Eyal Now

March 2012

YouTube / Tantra, sexuality, and ejaculation control – Interviewed by Shae Mathews