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Transform Your Business and Life with Sexual Empowerment

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Imagine experiencing deep self love, ecstatic sex,
and a fulfilling relationship…

How would that affect your business and life?

It isn’t just about sex. You can’t separate your sexuality from the rest of your life.

Sexual issues affect your confidence, wellbeing and your impact on the world. And when you resolve your issues, your life will change.

Your sexual energy, when cultivated and harnessed, can charge and transform your relationship, business, creativity and other aspects of your life.

Your sexual energy can become your Intimate Power!

This integration is what this website is about – cultivating and harnessing your sexual energy so you can really express yourself, help others, and rock your business!

My name is Eyal Matsliah, and I’m the author of
‘Orgasm Unleashed – your guide to pleasure healing and power’.
I’ve been exploring and studying sexuality, business and spirituality all my life and I’ve helped thousands of   people with these issues.

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Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power

This book summarizes years of study and my own personal experience with friends, lovers and clients. It will teach you how to pleasure, heal and empower yourself – by yourself, and later share that with your partner. Whatever your current experience of orgasm is – it will transform. ‘Orgasm Unleashed’ will also teach you how to harness this energy in your daily life.

Buy on Amazon or read a free excerpt here

My clients’ growth and transformation are my credentials.

Eyal helped me become a successful men’s coach and improve my relationship

Eyal has helped me significantly to sort through the many limiting beliefs I was carrying that held me back in life. Ultimately he has helped me to fully recognise my gifts and develop the confidence necessary to share these gifts with others. He also helped me to overcome my blockages around money and business and to realise that these aspects of life can also be conscious. Because I now have much more confidence and energy my creativity has gone through the roof and I’ve decided to build my own Coaching Business with Eyal’s help and support.

“I highly recommend him to any conscious business woman that is ready to THRIVE.”

Eyal is my sex/business/wealth coach. I highly recommend him to any conscious business woman that is ready to finally THRIVE in this world and become the successful woman she knows she is. I gained deep trust in myself and in the gifts I am sharing with the world AND I have an action plan to start DOING more of it!!!

“Eternally grateful!”

I will be eternally grateful to you as that burning in my yoni, that I had for THREE YEARS, has never returned with the same intensity since our sessions. You offered me so much support when I was really struggling and strung out and when I went projecting all over you, you handled it with grace and humility. 

An account of Layla’s session with Eyal appears in her book “Wild Woman in the Bedroom,” available on her website.

Eyal is a dedicated and experienced explorer of enhanced states of intimacy, awareness and personal power.

He also has a great personal presence and a confident ability to present high level concepts and practical advice to a wide range of audiences.

“Opens up realms for the deepest transformation!”

I can HIGHLY recommend Eyals work!! Fantastic, blissful, healing, orgasmic, sweet and sensitive. The session with Eyal was such profound healing, so deep. I remember why I choose to step into Sacred Sexual Healing. It opens up realms for the deepest transformation, for such deep healing. Thank you again Eyal for sharing knowledge and being so professional!

“Eyal’s work is on another level.”

I felt connected to my cervix and myself like i never felt before.
i felt safe and held.
Now i feel radiant.

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