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You might think nobody knows (poem)

You might think nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody notices.

And perhaps most people don’t.

But i do.

I see it.

I am not blaming you.

I am not judging you.

I see you, and I know what you’re going through.

I see it in your facial expressions,
In the way you frown,
In the way you swallow and what makes you do it,
In the way you clench your jaw and purse your lips,
In the way you cover your mouth when you speak,
In the way your eyes tighten even when you try to smile,
In the tension in your forehead.

I see it in the way you avert your gaze,
In the way you keep your eyes open when everyone closes them,
or how you close them when you can’t bear seeing what’s in front of you.

I see it when you breathe,
In the way you lift your chest and shoulders when you inhale,
In how deep you allow yourself to inhale,
In the way you hold your breath,
In the way you control your out-breath.

I see it in your gestures and your body language,
In the way you cross your arms over your chest,
In the way you spread open your fingers or squeeze your hands into fists,
In the way you tighten when you are held,
In your hushed laughter and the tears you try to hide.

I see it in the cloths you wear, in how you cover yourself, or how you try to appear sexy.

I hear it in the tension in your voice.
i hear it in your words, the vague language that allows you not to commit to anything specific and thus not to be wrong, using “maybe” to allow yourself to change your mind.
I hear it in how you talk about sex and body parts.

Maybe something bad happened years ago.
Maybe nothing major happened, but you still feel like that.

Can you see how this is hurting most aspects of your life?

Is it finally time to resolve this stuff?

Is it finally time to shine ?

To really shine ?