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When emotions arise in conscious lovemaking.


A man asks:
“How to help women overcome intense emotions of anger arising during lovemaking?”
It’s natural for a woman to have a lot of stuff come up during long and conscious love making.
It brings awareness to things that she may have suppressed for years, and the build up of energy also intensifies whatever is already there.
As a man, you need to keep your presence and not to react to her expressions of anger. It’s a storm and it will pass.
Stay open in love and accept her and what she’s expressing without trying to understand or fix.
Sometimes you can even lovingly smile at her and that will help her understand that the anger isn’t about you but it’s her own stuff.
You can take a pause to allow her to feel and express, or you can keep going.
Suggest to her to express her anger without directing it at you.
As a side note, make sure that you are fully in integrity in your love making or relationship. Because sometimes a woman will express her frustration and dissatisfaction when she opens to love you.