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What is a tantric lover?

A friend asked me: What is a ‘tantric lover’?

And I replied:

In the common way that women use and that our community often uses, it means a man that can last very long or as long as he wants.
The deeper meaning? where do i start…

A tantric lover worships and awakens the feminine, receives her energy and shares his masculine centerdness and direction.

The tantric lover is aware of and is able to shift subtle and gross energies. He uses the knowledge and practices of Tantra and Yoga to do so.

He feels the primal need to ejaculate, but he transforms this need into greater connection, intensity and stillness.

He knows how to awaken pleasure in himself and his partner, and he can ride the tsunami of the woman’s pleasure for hours. Once open, the woman can choose to be with him, but she doesn’t rely on him for pleasure, connection and fulfillment.

He opens to be vulnerable, receiving the guidance and reflection of the feminine, but stays in his center.

He expresses, enjoys and celebrates sensations, feelings, and emotions, but doesn’t get lost in them.

He enjoys and celebrates pleasure, body, and sex, but these are meant to help both partners to go beyond the body, and to turn sex into a spiritual practice.

He opens himself and his lover to love, to consciousness, to oneness.