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TheLongShortWay podcast interviews Eyal : Sexuality, relationships and self-expression

From our earliest memories in sexual education, we receive a contorted version of what intimacy is all about.

We do not talk about the connection that it brings to a couple.

Rather, we make it sound like an activity, but never dive in deep to the gift God gave us, which can turn it into a cold, brazen event.

Then, when we grow up we do not have the slightest clue of the actual ‘how-to’ of intimacy.

In this interview with Matisyahu Goren from the Mission Driven: The Long Short Way Podcast Podcast, we discuss:

1. Developing a healthy and true intimate understanding and connection.
2. How to live the best version of yourself without contradicting your value system and giving to the world.
3. How to unleash your creativity.
4. How to release your full potential to the world.
5. How to stop focusing on having or giving a ‘better’ orgasm.
6. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about how learning the sexual side of our lives enriches our lives.
7. The 3 challenges men and women face in this area.
8. What the truth is when a man or woman claims that they are happy in life with everything aside their sexual life.
9. What happens to a man who feels he is not satisfying his wife.
10. What happens to a women who feels guilt and shame when it comes to her body, who has pain in her body in intimacy, and who does not receive what she expects in intimacy.