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The Secret Business Edge

Are you a business woman looking for an edge in your business?

You have some regular clients, the business is turning a profit, and you mostly enjoy what you’re doing.

But you’re aware that something is stopping you from reaching higher, and you’re not quite sure what it might be. You might be overworked, or you might be working with some clients you don’t really vibe with. Perhaps, you feel that you’re not expressing all of who you are, and you’re not making the kind of impact on the world that you know you were born to do.

Do you think that your personal life affects your professional life?

Put another way, do you think it is possible for someone to be powerful, energized and attractive in business, but not carry those characteristics over to their personal life?

Of course not! We are who we are, whether we are at work or not!

And if that can be accepted, can you also see then how your sex life and intimate relationships also affect your business or career?

For example, if you had shitty sex or didn’t have sex at all for months (I’m not sure which one is worse), how is that affecting your mental, physical and emotional health?

Your wellbeing and energy levels will suffer and your confidence around both men and women, clients and colleagues will drop! Your mental focus, your creativity, and ultimately, your success; these all suffer when you aren’t satisfied. Some even say that the disconnection that women feel from their body and femininity is also a partial cause for the high rates of cysts, cancers and other diseases that affect the female reproductive system. When something isn’t expressed, it becomes suppressed, and then it becomes malignant.


Business culture is focused on the tactics of success.

Business plans, budgets, SEO, fb-ads, promotions, campaigns, advertisements, joint ventures and so on.

But no one is talking about the crucial part that your personal life and specifically your sexuality plays in your success.

Many business women usually say something like, “my life is great, I only have a problem with my sexuality”. But after some introspection they realize that they aren’t really where they want to be in many areas of their life, and that actually their sexuality has a lot to do with it. Other women achieve great success but feel dry, over masculine, stuck in their head, disconnected from their body and femininity.

Even if you don’t have any of these issues, wouldn’t you just like to have better sex anyway?

Imagine you had not just ok sex, not even good sex, but mind blowing, orgasmic, and loving sex with your intimate partner last night. You went to sleep still buzzing and woke up energized and happy.

How would that affect your interactions with your partner and children?
How would that affect your day at work?
If you are shining and confident, how would that affect how attractive you are to clients and business collaborations?
How would it affect your creativity and mental clarity?
If you are abundantly orgasmic, how would that affect your wealth and abundance?

I’ve seen women who, after working on their sexuality, have become confident, created workshops, doubled or even tripled their service rates, managed to leave their jobs and open their dream businesses, enjoyed more free time with their family and friends, and of course, experienced mind-blowing sex.

Take Zoe Swain, owner of a coaching and lifestyle business, who shares:
“I was a control freak. I couldn’t let men do anything because ‘they wouldn’t do it properly’…My self body image was terrible and I would never let a man truly see me for fear he might see my imperfections… like I did. I lost clients left right and centre because I was so damn rigid.
When I started doing sexuality and sensual dance work, I began seeing that I was a lot more powerful in my softness than in my overpowering…. and my body was delicious…
Less control and being pissed off with clients wanting to cancel or change times- means they always come back because I’m so flowy and have no issues with changes Etc. Now my business is incredible! “

Or Stephanie Johnson, a woman’s empowerment coach, who had these realizations: “Upon recognizing, owning and harnessing my sexual energy I noticed the shift in my own energy which created more space and growth in my business. I found more time, more freedom and more space. This in turn allowed the business to develop and grow on it’s own without my masculine dominating energy”


If you recognize the significance of sexual empowerment to your wellbeing and success in business, it’s important to take some actions right away, so it doesn’t slip away.

As a business woman, you know the importance of projects, KPIs and priorities. So, put the project of your sexual empowerment at the top of your priorities.

Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, as well as resources and attention, to your sexual empowerment journey.

Self pleasure daily. Let go of the short-sharp orgasms that leave you hyper-sensitive, feeling “done”, but not really deeply fulfilled.

Instead learn how to experience deep, long, and meaningful orgasmic *states* that leave you deeply satisfied, nourished and energized. Cultivate the soft, loving, nurturing aspects of your femininity, both in your business and daily life. Especially in your relationship, as much as possible, let go of analyzing, controlling and deciding.

Don’t expect to figure it all out by yourself – find an intimacy or sexuality coach to guide you.


The book “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to Pleasure, Healing and Power” will teach you how to become deeply orgasmic by yourself, and later share that with a partner. Download a free sample or get the gorgeous paperback at

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