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Starting a 7 days water fast – here’s why

I have just started a 7 days water fast.

This would be the longest ‘serious’ fast i’ve ever done.

I’ve previously done regular 12 and 16 hour fasts (intermittent fasting), many 24 to 36 hours fasts, and a couple of 2-3 days fasts.

I did a 5-7 days fast/detox at the end of ’14 when I was living in Amsterdam and it was a special experience. I was a bit tired and brain-fogged in the first 2-3 days but then I had higher-than-usual levels of energy the rest of the time. I went walking, jogging and dancing and was amazed to see how much energy I had.

That detox included fruit and veggie juices (some with added sugar), miso paste and coconut yogurt.

(I’m including a few food photos to elucidate what a special practice it is to fast)


But this time, it’s the real deal.

I can only have water with a bit of himalayan salt for nutrients, and possibly a bit of apple cider vinegar or lemon to keep me alkalized, and a bit of coconut oil for brain clarity.

But otherwise i intend to have mostly water.

Glass of Water

You might be wondering why I am doing this to myself.

That’s a great question.

I’ve been wanting to do another serious fast since I finished my 7 days fast in amsterdam.

There are many reasons:

  • Detox my body from toxins
  • Specifically get rid of precancerous cells that build up gradually as one gets older
  • Detach from my need for food as a source of comfort and satisfaction
  • Detach from my need for sugar and chocolate. I’m not unhealthy or over-weight, but i still consume more sugar than I’d like to on my regular paleo/low-carb diet
  • Free up more time to focus on my current project – releasing an online program in two weeks, and on other aspects of my creativity, business and wealth
  • Experiment with the stoic idea of living simply for some time, so that one doesn’t fear losing what one has
  • Experiment with how my energy levels are after days and days without any nutrients
  • Improve my self discipline
  • I’d like to see what happens to my sexual energy while I’m fasting
  • I was intending to experiment with building muscle during the fast, but discovered it’s not advisable. So i’ll just stick to my daily sunset walks

(Here’s a bit more food to look at while I can’t eat:)

Curry dishes


I’m very excited to be doing this fast. It feels meaningful.

I’m looking forward to overcoming the challenges, to the brain clarity and special state of consciousness, to the feeling of accomplishment, and to the satisfaction from the things i’m going to create this week.

I will share my experiences after the week is finished, and might share during the week as well.

Inspired? Join me.


[All the usual disclaimers apply. Ask a doctor before trying this at home]