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Why sleeping in separate beds is great for your relationship

I’m a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker.

Many couples complain that they lose the attraction after a few months or at most 3 years of living together. They still love each other but they feel they’ve become flat mates.
The magic is gone.

One of the reason is that most couples sleep in the same bed.
They don’t get to miss each other because they see each other all the time.
There’s no longing.

The magic is gone.

Also from an energy stand point, sleeping in the same bed neutralizes the masculine and feminine energies in the couple. When there’s no polarity of m/f, there’s no attraction.

Sleeping in separate beds increases polarity, attraction and libido between partners.
I would actually recommend sleeping in separate rooms, and if possible in separate houses once or twice per week. You or your partner can go camping or sleep at a friend’s or family member’s house.

Especially after tantric love making, you just want to cuddle together.
But if you separate, it actually increases the sexual energy, attraction and empowers each person to be independent.

I’ve been avoiding sleeping with my lover for years and although it’s sometimes hard to separate, we are both very grateful for this practice.
Occasionally we would sleep together and enjoy that as well.

I have shared this recommendation with my coaching clients and they have reported the same results – increases sexual attraction and improvement in the relationship.


Give it a try and let me know how it goes.