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Shosh’s Testimonial for integrated coaching, waving sexuality, business and radical self love with Eyal

Here’s Shosh’s video testimonial for my coaching journey:


Hello everyone. So Eyal’s integrated coaching, waving sexuality and business and radical self love. What can I say about his coaching? It definitely has transformed my life. I’d probably say more than anything it’s transformed my relationship to myself. I’ve already been working on myself for awhile, starts to integrate the kind of sexuality piece. A little bit before I came across Eyal’s work, it just really help me solidify things. The book, I’ve highlighted, like stickers in there, I referred to all the time. I think like the main change Im seeing in myself, the embodiment and the integration of my sexuality into all areas of my life. I’ve seen a really positive effect in my relationship, in my friendship circles and now starting creating my own business as well, just a flow of in writing contents so I guess just flowing just way more easily. So my relationship to myself, my relationship to my yoni, checking in on my body all the time, giving my body the quality of touch that it want all the time, releasing all of the fucking shame, all of it, releasing it, yoni gazing, massaging and dancing, just really feeling the feminine flow, but then also taking action but getting into that feminine space for inspired creation. Yeah I don’t know what else to say just, I just really appreciate the small things and more than anything, yeah, I’m busting through all my limiting beliefs, not all of them as always there’s more to go but I’m busting through all my limiting beliefs, shaking of this stack nation, dancing in a way. I just fucking loving myself through the pain, through the emotions just always loving myself and just knowing that no matter what, me as a woman on all woman, I’m man, but as a woman, a woman of incredible world, I’m powerful, regardless of where you are. That’s all for now. Ciao, ciao.

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