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Sensual whole body massage demonstration video (NSFW!)

A sensual whole body massage is a beautiful experience to share with your partner.

“Sensual” can mean “arousing”, “activating the senses”, or “embodied”.

This massage is also healing, empowering, relaxing and energizing.

It improves communications between the partners because you learn to express what you want and to follow your partners request and feedback.

If you want your partner to have a whole body orgasm, give them a whole-body touch.

As mammals, we need touch nearly as much as we need food and shelter.

When you receive touch, your body releases endorphins, which are the natural “feel good” chemicals of the body. It also makes the giver feel good, not just the receiver.

Giving a whole body massage isn’t so much about the “technique”, or about the “pressure points”, but more about staying relaxed in your body while you are giving and receiving touch, and following the natural intuition and the flow of the movement.

A whole body massage can include the genitals, as part of a yoni massage, but it doesn’t have to. You can share a beautiful experience without involving the genitals at all.

It takes me over an hour to teach a sensual whole body massage, but i wanted to share with you an intro video, which includes many of the principles.



There’s more…

This video is part of my “Awakening Female Pleasure” online program, where I share my experience from over a decade of doing this work.

The program includes:

Theory and mindset
A video for the women watching the program, to learn how to receive this, and guide their partner
Communication, boundaries, and moving beyond guilt and shame
Sensual hug
The five elements of touch (you will be blown away by the “Ether” touch)
Breast massage
Whole body massage
External yoni massage
Internal yoni massage
Female ejaculation, g-spot, cervix stimulation, whole body orgasms
and much, much more
Is this something you would like to share with a woman?

How would it affect your relationship and your confidence as a man ?

The program only open for registration a few times a year, for a few days at a time.

Watch free videos and read about “Awakening Female Pleasure” here.

If you are a woman reading this, learn how to teach this to your partner here.