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Sensual touch with the five elements

Most people only know how to touch in a very limited way.

Your lover does something and you want to tell them “touch me softer… no not that kind of soft” or “touch me stronger… no! not harder! just stronger”.

Usually, they just don’t get it.

If you are a woman, that means you will experience less trust, less connection, less pleasure and less orgasms.

If you are a man, that means your lover isn’t helping you to experience whole-body pleasure and orgasm, without ejaculating.

What we need is a language of touch.

We need to learn how to touch, and how to communicate what kind of touch we want to receive.

Actually there are 5 main ways to touch, which are very different and create different sensations, feelings and kinds of orgasm.

These ways of touch are inspired by the five elements in Tantra as well as my own experience with many hundreds of lovers and clients over the past 20 years.

Here are a few videos from a presentation i held at the Byron community center at the “Taste Of Love” festival.

The air and water elements:

The earth element:

The fire element:

The ether element:


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