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Review: Orgasm Unleashed is a profoundly spiritual book

Wow, one of the most fascinating and beautiful books I ever had. It taught me how to go beyond the body and experience a truly spiritual orgasmic state.

I considered my self a multi-orgasmic woman and I thought I didn’t have much more to learn since I even had two orgasmic childbirths. But this book opened me so many new possibilities. Furthermore than learning about physical orgasm that I didn’t even know were possible, like a throat orgasm, I learned how divine sexual energy is and how connected it is to our whole.

This is not a sex book, this is a profoundly spiritual book, and the magic is that it doesn’t stay in the beautiful words and theory, but gives you exercises and practices so you can learn to connect with your body, with your yoni, with your sexual energy and therefore with your true self.

I hope every woman can read this book and open themselves to be able to live in an orgasmic state! Is totally possible and it has become my lifestyle.

With pleasure,


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