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Q: A woman dealing with sex addiction

wondering if in your journeys with women and women’s sexuality you have come across any insights about sex addiction.. I feel this is what I have.. I’m really struggling with it.. it’s ruining my life. I don’t actually have sex with multiple partners, but I’m addicted to the brain chemistry associated with a sexual high. Just like alcohol or drugs, my drug is the sexual high, I use it to feel better. Pretty fucking desperate right now I wouldn’t usually just tell someone all that without knowing them but there it is. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
Eyal Answers:
Thanks for sharing.
1. stop having explosive orgasms. That creates addiction. Even avoid the good kind of peak orgasms for a while. read more here
2. do you have a strong mission or purpose or creative or spiritual practice? channel your sexual energy to those areas. My clients get so energizes that some of them wake up in 4am and create blogposts, videos and workshops.
3. a self pleasuring practice will fulfill at least some of your craving for touch and pleasure
4. avoid any kind of aphrodisiac or stimulant. Decrease or eliminate animal foods.
5. read my book “Orgasm Unleashed” at
6. Learn to move your sexual energy away from your genitals. read this article:
7. if you’re having average sex or infrequent sex, you will be unsatisfied. when you raise your sexual resonance and attract amazing lovers to your life, that will satisfy you more than anything.
8. we’re having two workshops soon that would help you tap into your sexual power: