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Premature ejaculation prevalence – June 2016 (Press release)


Premature ejaculation – Nearly all men suffer from it, but aren’t aware, according to sex expert

PE is alarmingly prevalent, but there is a natural solution, says sex expert Eyal Matsliah



Melbourne, Australia (June 15, 2016).

Sex expert Eyal Matsliah reveals that most men suffer from PE, but don’t even know it.

Premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculating after less than one minute from the moment of penetration. According to the mayo clinic, one out of every three men suffers from this condition at some time(1).

But this is not the worst part.

According to a 2005 Journal of sexual medicine research, the average man lasts 5.4 minutes(2).

Five minutes aren’t really enough for a woman to experience deep fulfilling orgasms, or for the couple to enjoy meaningful connected love making.

Eyal Matsliah, Sex and orgasm expert, Tantra teacher and author of the best selling book “Orgasm unleashed”, has coined a new definition:

“Premature ejaculation: Ejaculating before both partners choose to”

According to this definition, the vast majority of men suffer from premature ejaculation, and this condition affects their relationship, wellness and confidence outside the bedroom.

When men try to last longer they resort to disjointed techniques and thus get inconsistent results.
Others become reliant on creams and pills and thus don’t really solve the underlying problem.

After studying, practicing and teaching ejaculation control for over 11 years, Matsliah has created a five-step process that helps any man last longer within a few days of practice:

  1. Why – Find deep reasons to last longer and control your ejaculation
  2. Feel – Be aware of how aroused you are
  3. Stop – Pause before you get too aroused
  4. Move – Move the sexual energy away from your genitals
  5. Transform – Make lifestyle changes and take on new habits to support your sexual practice

Today marks the launch of Eyal’s free video training “Ejaculation control – The basics of lasting longer”, which teaches this process to men. It’s available at:

Men who follow Eyal’s ejaculation-control process report:

“We made beautiful love all afternoon and I was able to control my ejaculation until she came for the 4th time. It was incredible…” ~Tom, AU

“My creative juices really go through the roof. I feel more of a masculine presence, healthier, more in control of myself, more powerful, more patient, more alive in the world.  I feel like the world is more of a place of pleasure. I have a greater capacity to love.” ~ Craig White, Men’s coach, UK

“My erections are stronger… Can really feel that it works. It’s amazing. I can hold my sexual energy much better. My girlfriend said I look and feel very different, much more myself and in my power.” ~ Matthew, AU

Eyal’s upcoming Tantra workshop, “Unleash your pleasure power”, held in Melbourne, Australia, helps men and women, single and couples, to dissolve guilt and shame around sexuality and unleash the life-changing power of their pleasure:

Eyal Matsliah is available for interviews, guest blogging and expert opinion.


Eyal Matsliah,
Sex and orgasm expert
[email protected]

Media kit, bio and headshot:


  2. Journal of sexual medicine – ORIGINAL RESEARCH—EJACULATION DISORDERS: A Multinational Population Survey of Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time – Marcel D. Waldinger, MD, PhD, Paul Quinn, PhD, Maria Dilleen, MSc, Rajiv Mundayat, MSc, Dave H. Schweitzer, MD, PhD, Mitradev Boolell, MD – July 2005 –



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