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The most powerful orgasm she ever had


I help women experience new and powerful orgasms even via skype coaching.
Read this meaningful and heart-warming account of one of my client’s experiences:

“I think I had the most powerful orgasm ever in this session without any insertion!
I started with hands on the yoni and breast and my spine was slightly undulating like a snake, then the intensity and the pace augmented and I could feel an amplification of energy building all over my body.
“I was lying in the back and I joined the soles of my feet together. My hand was just moving in deep circles at the entrance of my yoni almost penetrating but blocked by the labias.
All my body start to quiver like I was electrocuted by a violent circuit of power, my body was jumping without any control on the bed, I laugh and wanted to cry in the same time, all in one making me enable to distinguish what I was actually feeling, it was just pure energy building and spreading all over the body and in all the room!
“I last for 5 or 10 min and slowly slowly it calmed down, until my body was almost still, few more slight quivers … and then complete void…. no more breathing… it seem that an eternity passed between the last exhale after the last sparkle and the next inhale…
I don’t know how long I staid there… slowly slowly thought reappeared… making always more noise… or maybe it was just that I was giving them always more credit so it seam more present…
“I started exactly the same process again, and I realised that exactly the same effects started to appear and amplifying… it made me realised that I was not dreaming that it was real and that I can make that again… so I stopped satisfied feeling that I had enough for today!
I hugged my self, hold me tight and really felt a deep love for myself!”