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Orgasms – Multiple, Whole Body, G-Spot, Prolonged Orgasmic States, and much more

This article describes the many different and exciting kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states that women can have. It is focused on the female orgasm, although some men can also experience similar states.

The pleasure range and orgasmic potential of women is immense.
Some women tremble and shake in pleasure from nearly every part of their body being touched, some orgasm from their Achilles heel being massaged, or from a hand pressing their lower belly, some orgasm from their ears or breasts being licked, some orgasm the moment they are penetrated, some women orgasm solely by contracting their vaginal muscles, some orgasm with no physical stimulation, just by focusing their awareness on their sexual energy, magnifying it and pulling it up. Some women orgasm while meditating, practicing Hatha yoga, singing devotional songs, or looking at the sunset. Some women orgasm when they go on a roller coaster or bungee jumping. Some women orgasm when their partner tells them he loves them, or when a powerful man holds their hands and looks them deep in the eyes with love and presence. Some women don’t experience an actual orgasm, but rather go into a state of Bliss within moments of penetration.

Some orgasms are focused in the genital area and last a few seconds, while deep orgasms are felt throughout the body and can last for long minutes. Some women stay in a state of orgasm for a few minutes, half an hour, or more, sometimes without physical stimulation. Some women go into a state of trance, forgetting who they are and where they are, and going beyond the physical body and into experiences of pure presence and bliss.

And yet, most women don’t experience whole-body orgasms during penetrative love-making, many can only orgasm by masturbation, and some don’t experience orgasms at all. Some women hardly even experience any pleasure.

Whatever your pleasure or orgasmic experience is, accept and cherish it for now, remember that the best is yet to come, and gradually allow yourself to open to greater pleasure, to deeper, longer orgasms, and to higher states of consciousness during foreplay, yoni massage and love-making.

Men should accept their woman’s current orgasmic state and support and facilitate her in opening.

One of the benefits of yoni massage is that it trains a woman to focus on and intensify her pleasure, and to experience different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic state that are sometimes hard to achieve during intercourse. Orgasms experienced during yoni massage can make it easier to experience orgasms during intercourse.

Measured physical symptoms during an orgasm

Modern science has measured and quantified a number of symptoms and conditions that occur while a woman is being aroused and when she’s orgasming. Arousal includes increased muscular tension, increased heart beat and respiration rate and depth, increased blood flow to the genitals, which causes the swelling of the clitoris, labia (outer and inner lips around the entrance of the yoni), and the vaginal walls; “ballooning” of the deep vagina and mild shifting of the cervix and womb towards the back of the body and slightly upwards, secretion of lubrication fluid from the walls of the vagina; increased sensitivity of the nipples and other erogenous zones.
As orgasm becomes imminent, the outer third of the vagina tightens and narrows, while overall the vagina lengthens and dilates and also becomes congested from engorged soft tissue; the nipples become erect.
The main symptom of a female orgasm according to modern science is a series of involuntary contractions or pulsations of the pelvic floor (also known as the PC muscle or pubococygeus muscle), the vaginal walls, uterus and anus.
However, some of the orgasm symptoms occur to some extent also before and after the actual “peak” of an orgasm.

Every pleasurable sensation is a mini orgasm

The main idea or attitude that can improve the pleasure range and orgasmic experience of every woman is the following:

Every pleasurable sensation, every small wave of pleasure, is a mini orgasm, because for a brief moment, there is slightly decreased mind activity, decreased sense of personal “I”, and increased present moment awareness,  focus, surrender, dissolution and dissolving into the sensation.

Imagine someone is touching your exposed back with a feather, or blowing air gently on your neck, or tickling you, or hugging you, or gently caressing your face or hair, or moving his hands along the side of your torso, or touching your nipple, or gently brushing the back of his hand against your pubic hair.
All these sensations are portals into pleasure, then into greater pleasure, then into actual orgasm.

Most men and women tend to view an orgasm as a single separate discernible peak aka “The Big O”, or, at best, a few peaks of orgasm, known as a multiple orgasm. The problem is that they miss out on a range of sensations, pleasure and orgasmic experiences. By changing your attitude and enjoying the inherent joy and pleasure in every moment and every kind of touch or sexual interaction, a woman can gradually experience deeper and greater and more varied kinds of pleasure and orgasmic states , and then an expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness.

In quality, every pleasurable sensation is a mini orgasm, an orgasmic moment, and the “quantity” of the pleasure can increase as you bring your attention into it. Learn to focus your attention on every pleasurable sensation, to bring awareness into every part of your body which feels pleasurable, to go deeper into the sensation, deeper into the present moment, and then to intensify these sensations and pleasure

Exercise: Read these instructions and then follow them: Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and feel the feeling of your body, sense perceptions, sounds, the present moment; Recognize the inherent joy in this moment; Recall the different ways of being touched, mentioned earlier, and feel the pleasure that builds in your body when you imagine and visualize them. Go deeper into the sensation, into the pleasure; Focus on your genitals at first, and then on any part of your body which “calls out” to you, any body part where you feel a build up of energy.

The Continuum of pleasure:

Once you learn to acknowledge and recognize the orgasmic nature of every pleasurable sensation, you can gradually go into greater depths of pleasure and orgasm.

Sensation > Pleasure > Orgasm > Multiple Orgasms > One continuous orgasm >  Meditation

A sensation turns into a pleasurable sensation, then into actual experience of pleasure.
Sustained continuous pleasure turns into an orgasm.
After you manage to orgasm, you can have multiple orgasms, peaking every few minutes or even  half minutes, usually intensifying from one to the next.
When orgasmic peaks become successive and very rapid, or when individual peaks lengthen, the experience turns into one long continuous orgasm – an intense orgasmic state – sometime you can still recognize individual peaks, but even the “valleys” between the peaks are an orgasmic experience by themselves.
The initial continuous orgasm is usually intense and physical, but gradually it becomes more subtle, with less physical manifestations, less body awareness.
When one continuous orgasm becomes deep and long enough, it turns into a meditative state.

Different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states

There are a number of ways to categorize and discern between different kinds of orgasms, according to the nature of the experience, strength and duration, physical location, energy movement and states of consciousness.

Implosive vs. Explosive Orgasms

Most women who have an orgasm due to clitoral stimulation, experience an arousal, increased pleasure, a “sharp” peak, and then an immediate declining of the pleasure and passion, usually followed by a “refractory period”, when the woman is unable to receive further clitoral stimulation for a few minutes. The clitoris will become super-sensitive and clitoral stimulation at this point might feel painful or irritating.  This kind of orgasm is called an “explosive orgasm” or a “terminal orgasm”, because the woman’s sexual energy is expelled and lost. It’s usually not possible to have another clitoral orgasm for a few minutes or longer. A woman will feel “done”, relieved, satisfied, but it’s a rather shallow level of relief and satisfaction. In the long run, a woman’s sexual energy and vitality might be depleted.

In contrast, orgasms achieved due to stimulation of the g-spot or cervix and other inner areas, are usually experienced as an intense “round” peak of orgasm, which lasts longer than the average clitoral orgasm, and is not followed by a sharp decline of the pleasure and passion, but rather a gradual down-ward slope. The woman can still receive continued stimulation of her inner yoni while and after she has orgasmed, and can usually experience another orgasm within a few seconds or minutes. This is called an “implosive orgasm”, because the woman’s sexual energy “implodes” within her, conserved in her body, and the movement of the energy is usually into the yoni and up the spine.

The clitoris is a wonderful erogenous area, but a woman’s focus (and her partner’s) should include her whole yoni, inside and out, and of course, her whole body.

Generally speaking, most women experience clitoral orgasms as an explosive orgasm.
It is recommended for women to avoid having explosive orgasms, and instead cultivate internal implosive orgasms, which allow for long hours of love-making and are crucial for turning the act of love-making into a spiritual practice, a spiritual experience and for experiencing higher states of being.

How to Turn Explosive Orgasms into Implosive Orgasms

While masturbating, learn to recognize when you are about to peak, and stop stimulation before you actually peak, breath slowly and deeply. Imagine or visualize a stream of energy flowing from your clitoris, down into your yoni. Caress your entire body and consciously move your hands from your genital area towards other parts of your body. Let the arousal and excitation decrease a bit, and start masturbating again. Repeat this a number of times. Make sure you don’t allow yourself to orgasm. With enough practice and enough repetitions, you might have an internal orgasm. Repeat this with your partner either through oral sex, yoni massage or penetrative sex. Make sure you communicate to him that your arousal is increasing and that you are close to peaking, so he slows down, and also so he learns to recognize by himself when you are getting close to peaking.

Have your partner stimulate you internally and on the clitoris at the same time, with his fingers and/or orally. He should gradually apply less stimulation on the clitoris and more stimulation internally, and you should constantly focus your attention inside your yoni. With time and practice, you will learn to move your sexual energy into your yoni and you will be able to receive intense, continuous and prolonged clitoral stimulation, through oral sex or fingers, without having an explosive orgasm.

Some women also turn internal stimulation into an explosive orgasm, usually by “pushing out” their vaginal muscles. It looks like some of the internal surface of the yoni is being pushed out and exposed. The man will feel that the woman’s yoni is pushing his lingam (penis) or fingers out. Similar affects to clitoral orgasms are experienced – a decrease or loss of desire and vitality.
Some level of alternatively pushing-out and pulling-in is pleasurable and beneficial, but it is important that women do not orgasm in this way.

Orgasms – Different Strength and Duration

The main way to look at orgasms is by discerning how strong they feel and how long they last:

Wave of Pleasure – A gentle wave of intense pleasure is a mini orgasm. It can be as simple as your nipples being touched, and then you shiver. For a brief moment, this sensation was all that existed. Learn how to go deeper and more fully into these waves of pleasure.

Mild orgasmic state – Many small waves of pleasure. During self stimulation, yoni massage, foreplay, or penetrative love-making, there are times when you don’t experience a big peak of orgasm, but rather, you continuously feel waves of pleasure moving in and around your body. These pleasure waves can be experienced and felt as tingling, goose bumps, shivers, electric currents, joy, vaginal contractions, small involuntary body movements, jerking, etc. Sometimes these sensations originate from the genitals and then spread throughout the body, but at other times it feels the sensations appear directly at a part of the body which is not the genitals, for example, the face or hands becoming numb. Actually, many women experience this state, even if they never had an “actual” orgasm, an orgasmic peak, which we refer to as “The Big “O””. The Mild Orgasmic State is the basic condition you should aspire to – a continuous state of arousal and pleasure, a plateau rather than a momentary peak. It is crucial for a woman and her partner to recognize this state, enjoy it, cherish it, celebrate it, explore it and gradually deepen it.

The Big “O” – A single strong discernible orgasmic peak, which fades out within a few short minutes. This is what most people, men and women, considers to be “AN ORGASM”.
This is influenced by a few factors:

  • Popular culture, especially in the last 50-80 years. You have seen it in hundreds of sex scenes: The couple kiss, take their cloths off, have foreplay, then penetration, which becomes more dynamic; both partners become more and more aroused, and then they both “come” together in a peak of orgasm. A moment later, the man rolls over to the side and they smoke a cigarette and chat
  • Men’s sexuality, because this is very much how the male orgasm is experienced: excitation, ejaculative orgasm, and resolution, which can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. During this time the penis becomes soft, and the passion the man feels is greatly diminished, together with his interest in the woman and her needs
  • A woman’s experience of a clitoral orgasm is very similar to a man’s ejaculatory orgasm. A clitoral orgasm is usually short, sharp and the pleasure is quickly dissipating. Right after it, a woman’s clitoris becomes hyper sensitive and even painful to touch. This causes the woman to perceive an orgasm as a peak which has an inevitable “valley” or resolution period. Refer to the “Explosive vs. Implosive orgasms” description earlier in this article

The problem is that many women and men perceive that the “big O” is the “only” kind of orgasm, or the “real” orgasm. Thus, women miss out on the range of orgasmic states which is available for them. Women actually bring about the premature ending of an orgasmic peak by relating to it as something that happened and has faded, passed away. But by changing their attitude and relating to it as an opening, a portal, the entrance to a field of sensations and pleasures, they can make the transition into experiencing multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms – Successive peaks of orgasm, usually getting stronger from one to the next, with intervals of a few minutes to a few seconds. The main hindrance from experiencing multiple orgasms, is that many women are used to orgasm and then to regard it as the end of the experience, in other words, to “come” and then “go”. Men are even more inclined towards this attitude, since the typical masculine ejaculatory orgasm is a singular experience followed by a refractory period. The good news is that women who already experience a single orgasm, as long as it’s an implosive orgasm, can easily go into experiencing multiple orgasms. Immediately after a peak of an orgasm, continue stimulating yourself, or ask your partner to do so, and build the arousal and sexual energy towards another orgasm… and then – another one. It’s important to recognize the “valleys” between the orgasmic “peaks” as orgasmic states, since obviously this condition is vastly different from the normal non-aroused state. The deeper you can go into the “valleys” between the peaks, the easier it will be to experience the next peak, and gradually those peaks will become stronger and more rapid, until it all becomes one long orgasm.

Intense orgasmic state – One long continuous intense orgasm – also known as “expanded orgasm”, “blended orgasm” or “valley orgasm”; Experienced as a continuous “plateau” of pleasure, as opposed to a “peak”;  Ecstatic trance-like condition; Feeling of love, surrender, unity, serenity, peace, going beyond the body or out of the body, sometimes to a level that the woman feels like she’s about to faint; disorientation; decreased awareness of the surroundings and the passing of time; decreased ability or an inability to talk or to move; Deep satisfaction and relaxation; This orgasm is attained and experienced as “releasing”, “allowing”, “letting go”, and “surrendering”, in contrast with “The Big ‘O'” or multiple orgasms which are experienced as “effort”, “trying” or “grasping”; This state can continue on its own, without further physical stimulation. After this condition has passed, it usually takes anything between a few minutes to half an hour or more, to get back to a normal state of consciousness and be able to function in a practical manner.

Meditative orgasmic state – one very long deep relaxed orgasm, going on with or without actual stimulation; All the symptoms described for the Intense Orgasmic State are manifesting even strongly in the Meditative Orgasmic State, but the physical manifestation are decreased; A woman can be “gone” for long minutes, half an hour or more; Breath slows down considerably, and heart beat might also slow down; Spiritual visions, insights and realizations might appear.

Le petite mort (french: the small death) – blacking out – A woman’s orgasm can be so intense that she can literally faint and stay unconscious for a few minutes. This state is similar to the Meditative Orgasmic State, but with no awareness. It is experienced by very few women in comparison to the other states of orgasm. A woman should try not to black out, and instead, keep awareness while she is in the orgasmic state.

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Location-Related Orgasms

Another way to look at orgasms is according to where in the body they stem from or perceived :

Localized pleasure vs. Whole body pleasure – Even in the stage of arousal, the experience of pleasure can be confined to the genitals or can be felt throughout the body. In order to feel pleasure in all the body, it is important to have a long fore-play, to touch and stimulate the entire body, and to gradually proceed to stimulating the genital area, while still keeping contact with the rest of the body

Localized orgasm vs. Whole body orgasm – Similar to localized vs. whole body pleasure, the experience and sensations of an orgasm can be felt as being centered and confined in the genitals, or can be felt throughout the body , literally the whole body can feel as though it is orgasming, and one can perceive waves of pleasure, joy, tingling, or energy flowing and washing throughout the body.

Orgasm on a chakra – Generally speaking, the sexual energy stems from the 2 lower chakras – Muladhara, the root chakra, and Svadistana, the sexual chakra. However, during arousal or orgasm, depending on the energy of the two partners, the way they make love (slow and gentle, fast, hard, shallow or deep penetration) and the position they choose, the energy can stay in these chakras or can gradually rise to higher chakras. Thus, orgasm “on” different chakras will feel inherently different. The main characteristics of them are:

Muladhara/root orgasm – intense, earthy, rough, raw,
Svadistana orgasm/Genitals orgasm – This is what most women experience – sexual, sensual, “kinky”, watery, undulating
Manipura/Naval orgasm – fiery, hot, intense
Anahata/Heart orgasm – crying, overwhelming feeling of love and unity with the partner; the pleasure starts to be secondary to the feeling of love and unity
Vishudha/Throat orgasm – astral projection
Ajna/third eye and Sahasrara/crown Orgasm – diminished or lose of identification with the personal “self” and/or the physical body, unity with the divine, dissolution, complete surrender, higher state of consciousness, very slow shallow breath or even ceasing of the breath for long seconds, a minute or more.

Body-part-specific orgasm
An orgasm can originate from a prolonged stimulation of the following areas:

Breasts Orgasm– The breasts are an important erogenous zone. Continues stimulation of the breasts can result in an actual orgasm, or can bring about more quickly and easily the onset of an orgasm when vaginal stimulation is applied. The nipples are connected via energy channels to the clitoris, and thus, stimulation of the breasts will cause an arousal of the clitoris and the whole genital area. If your breasts are not sensitive, give yourself regular breast massage and ask your partner to do so, at least 20 minutes a day. If you are orgasmic, try to send the energy of the orgasm into your breasts. Men should be reminded that breasts are not only nipples

Clitoral Orgasm– As described earlier (implosive vs. explosive orgasms), a clitoral orgasm is a sharp and short peak, a local and superficial sensation, focused nearly entirely in the genital area. It is followed by a quick decline of pleasure and a refractory period, during which the woman is unable to receive further clitoral stimulation for a few minutes or longer. The clitoris will become super-sensitive and clitoral stimulation at this point might feel painful or irritating. The sexual energy will be expelled and lost, making this an “explosive” orgasm. The woman will feel “done”, her arousal and sexual interest will be diminished. It’s important to note that even with penetrative sex there are positions that stimulate the clitoris more than others. For example man-on-top aka the missionary position might over-stimulate the clitoris. In order to discover the ecstasy and bliss of continuous internal orgasms, it’s important to avoid too much stimulation of the clitoris even during penetrative sex. However, after a woman manages to experience the other kinds of internal orgasm, it is ok to have clitoral stimulation, as long as she can avoid having an explosive clitoral orgasm

Vaginal entrance – There are many nerves in the entrance to the yoni, making it a sensitive and erogenous zone. After clitoral pleasure and orgasm, this is where most women experience pleasure and subsequent orgasm. But compared with the inner areas of the yoni, the vaginal entrance orgasm is more shallow and sharp, similar to a clitoral orgasm, and might also become explosive

G-spot Orgasm– Originally called the Grafenberg spot after the scientist who “discovered” it, and more appropriately called the “Goddess spot”.  The G-spot is a rough ridged bumpy spongy surface, located just at the entrance to the yoni, on the upper wall under the pubic bone. A g-spot orgasm will be felt as an overwhelming experience of intense pleasure, but not as “sharp” as a clitoral orgasm. Strong contractions of the whole pelvic floor, pc muscles and vaginal muscles. Sometimes there might be an expelling of fluids from the vagina or the urethra, also known as female ejaculation. Emotionally the g-spot orgasm will be intense, overwhelming and will be followed by a deep feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Further orgasms can be easily experienced with continued arousal of the g-spot

Cervical Orgasm – This is the most beneficial orgasm according to the Tantric tradition, also called cervico-uterine orgasm. Contractions of the deep vaginal muscles and uterus, while the pc muscle might stay relaxed; The orgasm will feel deeper, more full and intense and yet more “round” than the g-spot orgasm, and will be accompanied by strong emotions, love, unity, ecstasy and transcendence, tears, crying and a feeling of deep satisfaction; The experience of pleasure is deep and profound, but in the same time, the cervical orgasm is experienced and appreciated as an experience which is beyond bodily pleasure, and is sometimes felt beyond the physical body; The cervical orgasm is naturally subliming and lifting the sexual energy towards the higher chakras ; Stimulation of the areas near the cervix will cause similar kinds of orgasm. These areas include the posterior fornix, which is located under the cervix, along the wall of the vagina which is next to the anus, and the anterior fornix (AF or AFE) or the A-Spot, which is located on the upper wall of the vagina, between the cervix and the g-spot.

Anal Orgasm – The Anus is an erogenous zone full of sensitive nerves. Some women might be more sensitive and open to anal stimulation than others. An anal orgasm will be gross, raw, rough, intense, hard to control, and will be generally localized in the genital area. The tantric tradition considers this to be a low, inferior and undesired form of orgasm, because it’s related to “low” energies and states of consciousness.

Urinary Orgasm– This is a relatively rare kind of orgasm. A woman who is sexually aroused without having an orgasm might experience an orgasm when she urinates.

Correlation between the different kinds of orgasms

Clitoral and vaginal entrance orgasms are usually short explosive orgasmic peaks.
Internal vaginal orgasms can turn into multiple orgasms, intense orgasmic state and meditative orgasmic state.
In particular, cervical orgasms are identified with extended, deep orgasmic states.
An orgasm which rises to the highest chakras – ajna and sahasrara – will effortlessly become a prolonged meditative state


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