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Menprovement podcast interviews Eyal on sexual transmutation

I was recently interviewed on the highly popular men’s podcast “Menprovement”.

In their words:

Today I interview Eyal Matsliah. Eyal has spent most of his life understanding and practicing the art of sexual transmutation, energy cultivation and being a multi-orgasmic man.

A few thoughts on what to expect:

This episode will be about the how and why of sperm retention with the end goal of becoming a better lover and using your energy to rock your business.

What you will learn:

How this Subject Integrates With No-Fap
How to Tame Your Ejaculations, Sexual Frustration and Sexual Desires
Why This is an Important Skill for Men so That They Can Thrive
How to Have More Motivation, Horniness and Drive
It is very rare to find a man who has nailed this skill. Even in THE original self-help, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, there is a whole chapter dedicated to the power of sexual transmutation (I’m not making this up; get a copy of the book. It’s chapter 11). But for some reason no-one ever really mentions this chapter. Knowing this will differentiate you from 99% of other guys.

This is all about how you can raise your vibration and move through the world with greater ease, peace and relaxation; while still expanding and creating the life that you self with even more energy and hustle.

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