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Medicine Path: Unleash your pleasure power workshop review

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One of our wonderful workshop participants has written a great blog about his experience in the ‘Unleash your pleasure power’ workshop. Check out the full article here. 

“It’s clear to see that healthy sexuality and sex is MASSIVELY suppressed in our Western culture and society. As Eyal bluntly stated, “Sex education is fucked.”
It’s no surprise that people are confused and latch onto dogmas, stigmas and misconceptions about sex and sexuality.

“I’m definitely guided by  to the perspective that pushing one’s personal boundaries, challenging the norms, reflection, introspection, and being conscious of one’s own thought patterns and beliefs, is crucial for developing and growing into well-rounded mature men and women.

“It was an unexpected challenge for me exploring one of the practices: a sensual movement exercise – in a room full of strangers. I’ve generally reserved my loving sensuality and fluidity for special intimate connections, and had rarely explored that energy purely by myself in that manner, especially in public. (But it led to) my first non-ejaculatory full bodied orgasm.

“Yep, you read that right. Are you currently thinking “wow, too much information”? Because that would definitely be a sign that these natural aspects of life have become taboo, stigmatised and heavily repressed.

“I gained a lot from these 24 hours, particularly with the practical exercises. It was a definite level-up in terms of recognising and understanding my own sexuality and the various forms it comes in, and the way I can actually manifest these and interact with them internally, and when engaging with a lover, or just another person.”

Check out the full article here.