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Masculinity, Vulnerability, Gender and love

I’ve just attended a 5 days men’s retreat with Bruce Lyon.

I’ve attended many workshops and retreats, and this has been one of the most meaningful and transformational retreats i’ve ever attended.

I’ve connected to my brothers deeper than i ever had before.
I’ve connected to my vulnerability, receptivity, and softness.
I’ve connected to my feminine side.
I’ve connected to my inner child.
And I’ve cried.
I’ve cried more than I’ve cried in my life.
When I was a child I ran away, or got sent away, when i was crying.
In this retreat I cried in the company of men.
And it was so fucken blissful to be able to cry and be seen in that.

I’m so used to being confident and knowing.
Now, i don’t know.
I don’t know the space of “I don’t know”.

In the midst of it, I discovered about the Agama/Yoga shitstorm (read about it here) and it has also shaken me and made me look at many of the ideas and practices that i’ve learned there.

At the retreat I’ve had some deep realizations about masculinity, vulnerability and gender.

I share a lot more in this video:


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