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Krista’s testimonial for sexuality and business coaching with Eyal

Krista Steenbergen, an intimacy coach of, recommends Eyal as a sex, business & wealth coach.


“Before working with Eyal there was a lot of insecurity in me holding me back from reaching my goals. I knew about goal setting and what I had to do to become the woman I know I am, but I was very scared of what people might think if I would express myself and share my gifts with the world.

Eyal has a very strong masculine energy, which was exactly what I needed to cut the drama bullshit and go beyond my self sabotage. A bit scary and confronting at first, but because he shares it with such deep love and devotion to my growth, I could completely trust him and receive his teachings. I don’t think any woman could have helped me grow sexually and financially, the way Eyal did. Some things in life we really do need a man to teach us, ladies! Also, some steps we can not take by ourselves. Not because the step is impossible, but because we are so damn good at sabotaging ourselves.

Eyal has helped me to express my sexuality which has had an direct effect on how I express myself in life in general. I feel more powerful and confident and I am more aware of the unique gift I have to share with the world. Besides that Eyal encouraged me to charge more for all the value I share, so I have more time to do what I love: helping ambitious men to become more passionate & successful in life.

If you are serious about yourself and sharing your gifts with the world and you are ready for some kick-ass-no-drama coaching that leads to immediate results like being more sexual, more happy, and having more income, than Eyal is definitely your man.

What I appreciate about Eyal is that he is very transparent. He’s not some guru claiming to be perfect, but he shares about his own insecurities and challenges. That makes the path to success look very doable. He is extremely devoted to getting the best out of you, helping you to share your gifts so we can all create a better world together! I’m very grateful to have this wise, strong, caring man in my life. It’s so good to have someone that is a few steps ahead of you in the game, that can always show you the next steps to take on the path of your own success in life. Looking forward to work with him more.”

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