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It’s not about you. So, start sharing your gift

It’s not about you.

You have a gift, a talent, an expertise, a skill, that wants, that needs, that yearns to be expressed and shared and offered to others.
You might be scared, hesitant, feeling unworthy or unsure of yourself.

It’s not about you.

You might be telling yourself that you’re not ready or not good enough yet, or that you still need to study more, or that you still need to get a certificate, or that you need more experience, or that others will criticize you for showing yourself, or that you might fail, or any other excuse.

It’s not about you.

You have a gift, and the sooner you start sharing it, the better – for you, and more important, for others.

It’s not about you.

It’s about the people you can help, the change it will make in their life, and the impact it will have on those around them.

It’s not about you.

Withholding your gift from others for any reason is selfish; it’s like stealing – by not sharing your gift, you prevent others from receiving the value of your gift.

Your gift is yours, but it doesn’t belong to you.
You received it so you could give it away.
And the more you give your gift, the more you can give.

It’s not about you.

Remember what you always wanted to do for others; what others tell you that you’re good at; the thing you do that is special and different than others; what others do that deeply inspires you; what your soul yearns for; what you promised yourself to do “one day”.

This is your gift, so start offering it.

You don’t have to be “perfect”.
No one is.

You don’t have to be “the best”.
You just have to be good enough for the people you reach.

You don’t have to figure all of it out right now.

Just start.

Tell your friends, make a simple flier and hang it around town, or post on Facebook: “I am finally ready to share my gift. i’m doing/offering/giving/etc….”.

Let them pay what they like, for now.

Soon you will be doing what you love, helping others, and making money.

One day you will enjoy the knowing, satisfaction and deep fulfillment of having helped all those people, and you will enjoy the financial rewards of having done so.

And it will still not be about you, but about them.

It’s not about you.
So, start sharing your gift.