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Is settling for less really serving you?

“I don’t need a lot of money, I just need enough to live”.

Oh, really?

Are you having the quality of life that you want?
Do you have the freedom to choose based on preference and quality, not on price?
Can you allow yourself to take a 3 months vacation?
Can you support those around you?
Are you able to attend the studies, workshops, retreats, seminars, trainings, that contribute to your personal, professional, mental, emotional, financial, creative, and spiritual development?
If there is an emergency, would you be able to afford it?
Are there things, experiences, places you are denying yourself because it’s not “spiritual” to desire them?
Do you have enough money set aside for your retirement, and will that allow you to really enjoy your retirement? Would that last if you end up living longer?

Being able to be satisfied with less is great, but can you be satisfied with more?

Research shows that levels of happiness and life satisfaction grows with income until it reaches 75,000$ a year (54,000 euro). After that point, other factors become more important. Then it doesn’t matter how much money you make. So first, listen to the research and know where to aim. I would add that if you get there and raise your wealth resonance, do more meaningful things in your life, have a bigger purpose, a bigger “why”, your income will still rise and you will derive even more happiness and life satisfaction.

So, what other excuses are you making?

And what are you missing out on by CHOOSING to stay poor?