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Internal vaginal stimulation wakes up your femininity, pleasure, and power

When you have sex with a man, do you want him just to touch you on the outside of your vagina, or do you also want him to penetrate you, to be inside you?

Similarly, when you masturbate, it’s important to explore not just your clit and the outside of your vagina, but also to stimulate yourself internally.

The effects and benefits of internal vaginal stimulation are similar to those of masturbation and include:

  • Bringing awareness and sensations into your vagina
  • Waking up pleasure inside your vagina
  • Allowing you to heal past pain and trauma by yourself
  • Becoming more independent and empowered within your own sexuality
  • Connecting to and expressing deeper aspects of your femininity in the bedroom and in your daily life
  • Making it easier to experience internal orgasms and other kinds of orgasms by yourself and with another
  • Connecting to your body and improving your body image and self confidence
  • In Chinese medicine, there is a connection between the vagina and different body parts and organs, similar to how the body is mapped on a person’s hand, foot, or ear. Interestingly, both the entrance to your vagina and your cervix area, the deepest part of your vagina, correlate to your heart. Thus, by stimulating yourself internally, you improve the flow of energy throughout your body, heal ailments and decrease the possibility of future disease.
  • Releasing stagnant energy from your genitals, which otherwise might cause over-emotionality, confusion, horniness and later might cause conditions and diseases such as cysts and cancer.
  • Raising your sexual energy and allowing you to attract better lovers and partners


Exercise – masturbation with internal vaginal stimulation

Get yourself at least somewhat aroused.

If you are not wet enough, use saliva or a good natural oil with no essential oils or scents.

Start with your fingers. Insert one, and then two or more fingers into your vagina, and hook your fingers internally towards your clit. This way you are touching your g-spot by yourself. Apply pressure there for a while, and then start pressing or squeezing that area, in different rhythms. You can apply clitoral stimulation as well as long as you don’t get a clitoral orgasm.

After a while, your fingers might get tired, or you will feel that you want to have something deeper inside you. Find a nice and long cucumber, zucchini or a thick carrot and use it as a dildo, or buy yourself a nice long dildo, preferably a non-vibrating one. Size does matter, and you should get one which can reach all the way into the deepest parts of your vagina, while still allowing you to hold it comfortably. For simplicity I will refer to this object as a dildo.

“By the time I finish with the carrot, it’s half-cooked”
~ a good friend recounting her self-stimulation experience

Make sure you have enough oil or lube (depending on the material of the dildo). Insert the tip of the dildo into your vagina and see how that feels. With gentle and gradual in-an-out and round-and-round motions, insert more and more of the dildo into your vagina, as long as it feels comfortable. At every stage, you can pause for a moment and focus on the sensation and the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that come up. You might feel self-conscious or ashamed about doing this, owing to childhood or religious or societal conditioning. Acknowledge this form of resistance and keep going.

Explore different ways to hold and move the dildo.

Make sure you aren’t only doing in-and-out movements but also moving the dildo in circles inside you. Explore all the range of motions from very light to very intense. Make sure you rub your vaginal walls and also that you go as deep as you can. It’s important that you reach to all areas of your vagina.

You will probably have some discomfort, numbness or pain coming up. Focus on the points or areas where you feel these sensations. Massage these areas for a few minutes as long as the pain is bearable, while constantly expressing the sensations and emotions with your breath, sounds, and body movements. Then move into another area. Alternate between pleasure and discomfort. Keep pushing slightly beyond your comfort zone.

It’s important that you allow yourself to express what’s coming up otherwise the pain and trauma stay stuck in your body. This is what makes internal self-stimulation such a healing practice as you are able to heal yourself.

Try to have a daily internal stimulation session, and twice a week have a longer session.


How is this working for you?

How has your internal stimulation practice affected you?


Share your experience in the comments below or contact me privately.

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  1. Look what I found!

    I’m definitely going to give it a go, although I realise there’s quite a bit of fear and shame involved… but it’s a great first step to realize it’s nothing but fear and shame. I can get past that 🙂

    • If there’s guilt and shame and fear, these are good signs that you need to do it, and that you will reap amazing rewards and benefits from it. Let me know how it goes.

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