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I want to know what love is – poem


I want to know what love is.
I want to learn it with you, from you.

I want to watch old movies while we cuddle.
I want to know you like i’ve never known a person, and let you know me like i’ve never opened to anyone.
i want to have the best honeymoon phase i’ve ever had, and then naturally flow towards the deeper part of the relationship, when we work on our own stuff and support each other in healing our wounds.

i wanna walk down the streets of the most beautiful (like barcelona) and meaningful (like varanasi) cities of the world with you.
i want to be in nature with you, to make love in nature, to meditate in nature.
i want to talk with you about everything, and be in silence with you about everything.
i want to, i yearn to know your deepest darkest secrets and love you in that, and tell you mine, and be loved by you in that.

i want to eat in the best restaurants and street vendors around the world with you.
i want to take you to my favorite places in the world and see yours.
and I want us to discover new places together where none of us have been before.
i want to create a spiritual practice with you, and have each other as our spiritual practice.

and i want to make love with you, oh how deeply i want to make love with you until we both cry in love and ecstasy and union.

I want to walk with you down airports and shopping malls and buy you cloths with the money we make together, doing what we love and helping people and making the world a better place.

I want to live in beautiful houses around the world with you, for months at a time, and also build our own sustainable house temple in nature close to a modern city.
I want to hike and track with you.

I want to do spiritual trips and pilgrimage with you, sit at the feet of masters and become our own masters.
i want to live in a community with you, and create a community with you.
i want to talk about our childhood and our parents and what we are passionate about.
I want us to create together, and “use” each other for inspiration and muse for our creativity.
i want us to support each other in our mission and purpose and offering.

i want sometimes to be away from you for hours, for days, and sometimes for weeks, and keep our relationship going online and through our energetic psychic connection, and sometimes not to have any communications at all, and enjoy that as well.

I want us to have a shared path, journey, spiritual practice, life adventure, and i want us to support each other even in things we don’t agree with and believe in.
I want us to share and do things that currently we don’t and can’t even imagine because neither of us have ever been in that place/point in a relationship. i want to open and surrender to the unknown, with you.

i vow to treat you as a queen, as a goddess, as a friend, as a guru, and as my primary disciple.
I vow to be there for you and to find what I need to let go of and what I need to hold on to, and for you to do the same.

i vow to love you even deeper and stronger and wider with more colors, and to be here/there and with you even when I want to close down and run away , when I’m triggered by you or actually by my own wounds.

I want to love you like i always wanted to love a woman.
i want to learn how you want to be loved, and worshipped and opened.
and I want us to learn how to receive from each other, because it’ painful not being able or not knowing how to or being afraid to express all the love we have, and we have more love than we can imagine.

I want to know what love is.

I am ready.

~ Eyal Matsliah​