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How would you change the world with a hundred billion dollars?

If you had a hundred billion dollars, how would you use it to change the world?
(You can only use a bit of it for basic sustenance, no Ferarris or Guchis etc)

I feel there’s a combination of charity, investing, research and public-opinion shifts.

This is what I would do:

1. Invest 1 billion $ in a fund so it generates some money to support future endeavours.

2. Invest in tech startups that can solve problems of clean and abundant water and food, clean stoves and clean air. Fund getting these devices to where they are needed. Example: Slingshot water purifier.

3. Invest in tech startups that can improve/solve bigger scale environmental issues such as CO2 sequencing, lowering ocean water temperatures, deforestation, global warming, and killing malaria-carrying mozzies. Watch this:

4. Invest in tech startups that create revolutionary educational programs, software and hardware (a 50$ Ipad-like tablet) for all ages and deploy them in 3rd-world and developing countries.

5. Hire marketing, PR and media people to create public-awareness campaigns and social movements to lobby against the top environmentally-polluting companies (oil, Monsanto, etc), industries (meat and diary, cars), and activities. Examples: Occupy movement, Al-Gore’s movie, the Arab spring.

6. Invest in watch-dog, whistle-blower, accountability organizations to expose corruption in government, public sector and industry. Use the PR firms to raise awareness, bring individuals and organizations to justice, and fine them.

7. Create and invest in startup-hubs in developing countries. What if the next Einstein, Elon musk or Edison is growing up in a small village in Africa?

8. Invest in tech startups that create revolutionary medical treatments combining technology and ancient knowledge.

9. Raise salaries and work conditions for the public sectors, welfare workers, etc.

10. Fund a global education program that empowers people to manage their emotional and mental states, take full responsibility over their actions, become creators rather than mere consumers, think outside the box, take action. This will include sexual education and empowerment.

11. Fund a global education program that teaches people to open their own business, support them through the first year(s) through online mentorship programs, change laws and regulations to make it easier and faster to open and run a business, and lower tax rates on these businesses.

12. Invest in tech startups that create cheap and/or renewable energy sources and deploy them around the world.

13. Reform the stock market and global financial system. Remove financial products that create volatility in the markets, benefit the few, and are just about creating money. Raise taxes on these products and other stock-market profits. Lower taxes on products and services that provide a value for health, education, medicine, well-being and the environment.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I’d love to hear what you think about these suggestions and what are some of your own?

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