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How to teach your man to touch and pleasure you?


How many times did it happen to you that a man kissed you too early?

Went straight to your boobs and touched them too rough?

Fingered you too early and too strong?

Penetrated you before you were 100% ready and started pounding you?

Thought he knew what he was doing and you had to put up with it?

If you are like many of the women i work with, it probably happened dozens or even hundreds of times.

One of the most popular questions i get asked by women is:

“How can I teach my man how to touch me?”
Or similarly:
“How can I get my man into Tantra?”

One of them shared:

“I love my man, but he doesn’t know how to touch me, or how to make love with me.
I tried everything, but he doesn’t understand.
Seriously, I’m so sexually frustrated that i don’t know how long I could stay in this relationship if he doesn’t learn !!”

Can you relate?

To be honest, it’s not easy.

Men often think they know what they’re doing.

Or they feel challenged when a woman tells them what to do.

Or they watch porn, which makes them even worse lovers.

Or they do what worked for their previous partner… Don’t you hate that ?!

So, it’s not easy to get a man to learn how to touch you.

But it’s possible.


Some things you could do to get your man to touch you better

For nearly a decade, I’ve been teaching men how to become better lovers and guiding couples how to improve their sex lives.

This is what worked for my clients and students:

First of all, don’t try to TEACH tantra or sexuality to your partner.
Teaching or even explaining puts you in a masculine, emissive role.
That creates resistance in most men.
Instead, you need to find indirect ways to get him to learn.
You need to seduce him to discover it by himself.
You need to get him to learn FROM SOMEONE ELSE !
Watching Tantric videos together is a great example.
Just start playing the video before he enters the room and see what happens.

Second, many women try to explain something to their man in feminine language.
He’s a man ! He doesn’t understand what you are talking about !
In order to get a man to understand, he needs information which is clear, structured and technical.

Third, most men are visual.
They need to see something in order to get it.
If you just explain it, they don’t get it.
That’s why videos are so good.

If a picture is better than a thousand words,
a video is better than a thousand pictures.

Watch one such video i created, by clicking this image:Click here to watch the video

Even total beginners can get it

A few years ago i started holding “Awakening female pleasure” workshops where i taught men how to connect with and pleasure women.

I witnessed men with very little prior experience hold space for women, and these women were able to relax, trust, cry, shout, and, yes, experience amazing orgasms, sometimes for the first time in their life.

It was so inspiring and humbling and touching to see those transformations.

But some people didn’t feel comfortable to attend a public workshop.
Others who live too far couldn’t attend my workshops.

But I wanted to make these life-changing practices available for more people all around the world.

So I decided to create my new online video program “Awakening female pleasure”.

“Awakening Female Pleasure” :
A video program to show a man how to touch you

In this program, i share with men both the mindset and the practices to be able to better pleasure and connect with you – sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of the things i cover in the program include:

Mindset and communications:

  • Pleasuring a woman isn’t about the techniques. He first needs to be present and relaxed, to feel you and connect with you through his eyes, breath, voice, hugs, and his loving presence
  • He shouldn’t stress you to orgasm or to have any kind of sexual interaction.
  • What he can do so you feel safe and relaxed
  • ASK you how you want to be held, touched, pleasured, and made love to (and follow what you’re saying)

Touch and massage:

  • He shouldn’t move too fast or directly to your erogenous zones. Instead, he should wait, go slower, pause, go around your sexy bits, until YOU are ASKING him to touch you
  • How to turn a simple hug into a sensual and orgasmic experience
  • The five kinds of touch (aka ‘don’t be boring’)
  • How to give you an internal and external yoni (vaginal) massage
  • How to give you energy orgasms, whole body orgasms, 10-minutes orgasms, and more

The program focuses on presence and touch, and doesn’t cover sexual intercourse.
However, you can both use these techniques and practices in your love making.

What’s included

  • Over 8 hours of videos in high definition
  • Step by step instructions
  • Videos are demonstrated on a woman who also shares her sensations, feelings and feedback
  • A private FB group to ask questions and share your success stories (When he gave you a yoni massage that resulted in the best orgasms of your life)
  • Access the program from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Immediate access to the WHOLE program – no need to wait for week-by-week lessons
  • Life time access to the program


Why this “Men’s program” is great for women

While this is a program aimed at men, it can greatly serve you as a woman.

If you’re currently in a relationship, this is the perfect program to watch together with him.
You choose if you want to watch the whole thing or just the sections i recommend.
There is even a 20 minute video where i explain to you how to support your partner in this exciting exploration.
If your man isn’t interested in all this “Tantra stuff”, you can get the program and watch it by yourself.
Then gradually you can play with making some subtle requests from your man, without calling it “Tantra”.

If you’re single, you can watch the program and later share it with your future lover, or just use what you learnt to make suggestions that will excite him and requests that he will understand and follow.

If you are a woman who makes love with women, please accept my apologies for my heteronormative language (as my experiences are hetero and I need to use simple language that would appeal to most people). The program will work great for you regardless of gender or sexual preference.

Some of the benefits you might experience include:

  • Having your first orgasm or many new kinds of orgasms (there’s over 20! )
  • Improving conditions like low libido, vaginal dryness, or pain during sex
  • Becoming more easily and quickly aroused, from a wider variety of touch and non-sexual activities
  • A deeper sense of loving yourself, your body and your life
  • A better ability to know what you want, to ask for it, and to uphold your boundaries
  • Healing physical and emotional pain and trauma
  • Feeling more connected to your femininity and womanhood
  • Improving your sex life and relationship
  • Becoming more creative, empowered and relaxed in your daily life

Are you tired of being sexually frustrated?

Are you ready to take your love making to new levels?

Are you excited by all that is possible once you watch this program?


Get the program here.



Anything else you need to know before getting the program?

Let me know at [email protected]