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Hot burning coals! My fire walk and other news

As you might know, my focus is not just sexuality but also personal development, wealth creation, and lifestyle design.

Recently I:

– Flew from Sweden to the Netherlands to see my favorite DJ (a young french guy called Worakls, who combines soul, electro, melodies and grooves into an irresistible delight) and danced full-on for nearly four hours, in a crowd of 20 year olds.

– Visited the beautiful city of Utrecht, and walked around the old city area, along the canals, and in cobble-stone alleys; Had amazing chocolate and visited an art gallery.

– Stayed with new friends in The Hague and held a private workshop there

– Flew to Tel-Aviv and surprised my brother in the opening of his solo exhibition

– Held another workshop in The Hague and managed to get 18 people there within 3 days of announcing it

– Held private sessions in The Hague and got endorsed publicly by a few successful sexy and smart women

– Flew to London and attended Tony Robbins’s Unleash The Power Within 4 days seminar, where i walked across a bed of hot coals, twice! Together with 7000 other enthusiastic souls, I then faced my strengths and limiting beliefs, learned how to help myself and others, and also jumped, shouted, and danced like crazy (again), this time in a semi-business setting, allowing myself to express this part of myself in public. It was blissful!

– This coming weekend: a 2.5 days dance workshop in London. I’m thrilled and excited!

I’m committed more than ever to being who I really am, expressing and sharing my gifts, empowering others, and growing my wealth.

What is one action or experience of personal development that you had in the recent month?
How has it affected and improved your life?


European Workshop and festivals

I’m excited to be holding a workshop in the Netherlands soon, with Sweden coming up later in the year.
If you want to organize a workshop for me, get a chance to take part in something that changes people’s lives, and also get % of profits, please get in touch.


  1. Out of many, one action is to start believing I am an actual do-er. I’m not just a dreamer and a thinker, but I am totally capable of taking action, and trusting my own power (and charms :)) to do so.

  2. Europe suits you Eyal – Big Love from Melbourne !!

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