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Gift Activation and Conscious Business Coaching

This is another resource I only shared with clients during 1-on-1 sessions.

You aren’t an employee, otherwise you wouldn’t be my client, so get started on this ASAP:

1. Write down every positive thing you ever heard from another person, specifically clients: What do your clients rave about to others? What do they love and adore about you and your business/service/product?

2. Write all the value, benefits, effects that you think/perceive/guess that clients received from you, in and after the session, directly and indirectly

3. Write all the value, benefits you got from your clients, or from work, over the years.
What are some of the things you’ve done for money in your life ? what did you learn?

4. Ask for testimonials from your past and current clients (Use testimonial template from Inner Circle files)

5. Start playing with definition for your work/service and for you as a practitioner

6. Describe your ideal session – where is it held? how long does it last? what tools do you use? what does the client experience ? how much are you paid? how do you feel after the session? what do they report to you later?
Do the same for ideal workshop, training or whatever you offer.

7. For people working with corporate clients:

What would an ideal project look like? how long does it last? how many hours per week? would you work alone or with sub-contractors? who would you work with from the organization? how much are you paid? per hour or turn-key? how long does the project last? what is the feedback from the organization during/after? what is the next thing you can do for them? how do you feel working for them? what are you getting out of it apart from the money? what else comprises an ideal project

8. ideal client – who are they? What pains and problems are they facing that you are deeply motivated and inspired to solve? What is the highest gift you can give them? Use exact definitions, eg 35 years old, not 20-50.
Important – How would you describe them in 3 words? eg, open-minded, overweight, shy

9. Write a fake ideal testimonial for your services (from a man and a woman). Don’t post it online. It’s for you.

10. Define the 3 most important fields you focus on – for me it’s intimacy, purpose and business.

11. Complete the sentence – I help people…
for me, it’s “i help people harness their sexual energy to rock their business”.

If you don’t do it right now, decide on due dates for these tasks, to make sure you are accountable for yourself.