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Her first tantric sex experience

Have you ever wondered how tantric sex could feel like?

I’ve received this beautiful letter that a woman has shared with the first man she had tantric sex with, and with her permission, i share it with you:

“I could still feel you inside me for days after we made love. My body could so easily remember what it felt like be taken by you, to be pressed against each other, to smell you and taste you.

Feeling you pressed against my back, against my ass, against my legs, against the entire back of my body. To feel your weight pressing down onto me and pressing me into the bed.

To feel you behind me, holding me, tight, pulling my body against yours. So safe. So held. Holding my hands, kissing my neck. Breathing on my neck. Inside me. So delicious.

“She’s dancing”, you said. “You’re making her dance!”  I started crying. Sobbing. You traced so lightly down my side, so gently, so delicately, so lovingly and attentively, over my tattoo. You spoke in such a tone of awe. Of worship. It was the tone of a man who was witnessing such incredible beauty, and my heart burst open… And the tears came. It felt so so good. So freeing. So beautiful. I was so held by you in that moment. You understood. I cried for the beauty, and I cried for all those years I have not seen myself like that.

You were on top of me. Pressed against me. My arms and legs wrapped around you. We were barely moving. I was in ecstasy. Moaning. Almost dying. Another state. I felt your cock vibrating inside me. Incredible. It felt like a secret and sacred erotic message you were passing to me. I loved it. Shivers of pleasure. Of ecstasy.

You took me from behind. Pulled me up onto my knees. It was all so seamless. Beautiful. Smooth and flowing. So natural. So connected. So, so beautiful. You were deep inside me. Very deep. You went deeper still. Penetrating the very depths of me. I was screaming. YES!! YES!! YES!! It was intense! The penetration was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I felt (and feel) like I had never before been touched that deeply. You were penetrating my heart. And it was beautiful. I felt emotion coming and going. Feeling I was nearly going to cry. How beautiful! How divine! ❤.

And then… Boom! I. Opened. It happened. The most profound and beautiful experience of my life to date. An earthquake inside me, and all around me, and I was opened to the divine! Opened to God. I was being fucked open to God. You were fucking me open to God. Taking me somewhere I had never been, and didn’t know existed. I was no longer Elise, I was the universe, infinite love, timelessness, alllllllll the pleasure there has ever been and would ever be! Soooooo much energy surging through my entire body! Through your body. Through our bodies!!! What the fuck is this?! “You’re coming from your cervix!” My sounds were deeeeeeep. A mix of screaming, crying, moaning, the earth was making love with the stars and the moon and alllllll the planets, and they were talking through me and moving through me and expressing through me. I could not control or stop my sounds even if I wanted to. I didn’t want to. It went on, and on, and on, and on. And on.  Fuck! I didn’t know it was possible to experience that much pleasure! Yesssss!!!!!! Keep coming! Keep coming! Keep coming! I did. And I did. And I did.

I could barely hold myself up. You were there with me. You held me, tighter, stronger. I felt you. I knew you had me. You were not going to let me fall.”

Elise, Australia.


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