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Elphie Coyle on the five forms of freedom – Interviews with integrated people

Colin ‘Elphie’ Coyle is a creator, liberator and agent. He became financially independent in his early 20s doing what he loves – game development – while employing, educating and supporting up to 250 people at a time. He is also a business mentor and a sensuality teacher, holding workshops and working on his next book “Sensual Freedom – Fifty shades of monogamish”.

When I interviewed him a few weeks ago, he was leaving his life in Melbourne and literally on the way to the airport to fly half-way across the world to re-unite with a woman he has only met recently. What a ride!

In this interview he describes:
1. The five kinds of freedom –  Chronological, creative, financial, sensual and spiritual
2. What financial freedom actually means and why NOT to define yourself as “Retired”
3. Turning passions to profits
4. How to create a business and let it run without you
5. What part sensuality plays in success
6. The epic life game – Transforming real life into the ultimate game
7. And many other exciting topics

This is the first proper video interview that I’ve held and I’m very excited about it.

Check out Elphie Coyle’s sensual freedom website to learn more about what he does.

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Thank you Stefan Markworth for the excellent videography and Jiles O’Neal for editing and youtube magic.