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Ejaculation control – WHY lasting longer could change your life!

When men try to last longer, they usually focus on the ‘how’ – Squeeze this, breathe there, etc.

But the real secret to lasting longer is finding WHY it doesn’t serve you to ejaculate and WHY it’s so powerful to control your ejaculation.

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  1. I enjoy the consistent and high states of energy that come about from retaining, that I can then put into my work, my world and relationships. I do struggle with feeling a little over-powered at about the 1.5 -2 week mark. There are certainly more pros than cons in retaining. Thank you.

    • That’s a great ‘Why’ @disqus_Mew6lkaYCw:disqus.

      What do you mean by ‘over-powered’? Is it too hard to keep going?

      • No pun intended there of course : ) Is it not too hard, I get edgy / frustrated easily around the 1.5 week mark and then it calms down again if I keep going. However I probably release about every 2 weeks at the moment.

        • It’s natural for things to come up when energy builds up.
          that’s why most people ejaculate, have a clit orgasm, squander an inheritance or sabotage their career – they can’t deal with the intensity, with their own greatness and with the increased energy that is associated with it.

          Puns? bring them on. i’m a punny guy.

  2. I think the big “Why” for me came when I ejaculated and felt the loss of energy as a real thing. It was a pivotal moment of omg I don’t want to just give that away unconsciously. I have also felt the build in energy when I have not ejaculated for a period of a couple of weeks through self-exploration but then the cycle of sex and ejaculation depletes this energy. How do I hold onto it, how do I use it in my daily life, how can it be used to increase creativity? These are some of the questions I have.

    Another Why is to be able to connect at ever deepening levels with my partner; opening our connectivity, our love and our pleasure; unconscious ejaculatory orgasms don’t allow for that to happen.

    • @disqus_CR4URVXS1F:disqus That’s beautiful, and it’s exactly what i mean by the ‘Why’.
      The next videos are gonna answer some of your questions – register and stay tuned.

  3. Please inform me how to control ejaculation for 1 hour or more

  4. Im feeling awesome today. Probably about 1+ week of retaining, drinking lots of green shakes, uddiyana breathing etc. AND I HAVE A QUESTION. My morning ritual sees me in the shower self pleasuring, and I am STANDING UP.

    I find it harder to master my PC muscles in this position, with legs apart (Semi horse stance) … is that a common experience? Is it easier to be lying down (with a beginners mind), legs relaxed in order to experience a NE orgasm? I guess I can simply do the experiment, its not currently part of my ritual. I am trying to bring my legs together (still standing) as an experiment, would love some advice.


  5. Learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation is so important, every man should learn. I think the key is in being able to trust your heart. Thanks for talking about this important topic.

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