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Effects of integrated coaching

One of my clients wrote to me after a session, and i felt to share it with you (with her permission of course):

such a good session! Thank you!

-feeling so beautifully deeply inside my femininity with a sense of deep acceptance for myself and a love for how I showed up so authentically with you today
-feeling such a deep joy after our session – not light joy… deep grounded joy
-feeling like I am coming into myself from a place of power and confidence and that is such a relief!
-feeling a sense of some really old old things that have been effecting ALL aspects of my expression lifting
-increase self confidence
-releasing of shame around who I am
-ease in my presence on the planet
-deepening love for self
-deepening creative possibilities because of this love
-deepening creative possibilities because of removing the judgements on self and the perfectionist
-opening to more feeling – letting it pass through me
-appreciation for your willingness to meet me and understanding my journey
-appreciation for how you are softly meeting my edges with gentle strong masculinity
-appreciation for how you are holding me to my own loving accountability with the perfect combination of understanding and purpose
-deep respect and appreciation for you and the work you do


I accept a few people every year to my “inner circle” coaching. More details here.