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Do Not Orgasm !

What if you could experience orgasm states which last for an hour or more ?

How would you feel the following day, week or month ?

How would that affect your health, happiness, as well as  personal, romantic, professional, and creative life ?

Modern science, as well as popular consensus, tells us that an orgasm is a moment – A few seconds or half a minute at most.

However, according to Tantric teachings, and the experience of thousands of people, orgasms can last for very long minutes, and orgasmic states can last for an hour, sometimes longer.

These orgasmic states can take many forms:

  • Physical – Intense pleasure, moaning and shouting and possibly female ejaculation;
  • Mild – Wave upon wave of gentle pleasure sweeping your whole body;
  • Emotional – Experiences of unconditional love, compassion, trust and surrender;
  • Spiritual – At very special times, you might feel completely transcendent, and connected to the universe, to the Goddess, to your real self.

There are lots of physical, mental, energetic, sensual and sexual techniques that can help you experience a 2 hour orgasm.

For example, one excellent technique is very easy to learn, very fun to practice, and can get you immediate results.

It’s aimed for women, but men can use it as well – On themselves, or to help their female partner experience a 2-hour orgasm.

It’s called “Edging” or “Riding the wave”, and practiced in the following way:

Start with a self-pleasuring ritual.
Take a long hot bath, and make sure your body is relaxed.
You can smear yourself with good massage oil, bringing sensation to every part of your body.
Specifically, massage your buttocks, inner thighs, belly and breasts.

Gradually make your way towards your genitals. Using lots of oil, massage your pubic mound, your outer and inner lips, and your clitoris area.

Build your pleasure gradually, while breathing and making sounds if that’s possible (more on sounds as a way to orgasm in another post).

Notice that there will be a moment when the pleasure/energy will feel very sharp, as if it’s rising very fast, and you might feel compelled to apply even more stimulation, to tense your body, to tighten your muscles, to breath faster, or to bear down (to push out, like a woman giving birth)

DON’T !!!

If you do that, you might have a clitoral orgasm (or an ejaculation, for men), which might be pleasurable, but remember that usually you can’t touch your clit after such an orgasm – it feels over-sensitive, even painful. You can’t continue or you lose interest.

That moment when you feel a need to “come”, to rush, to tense, is just before the “Point of No Return (P.N.R)”, and going there means it’s “Game Over”.

These short superficial orgasms is what’s stopping you from experiencing long ecstatic blissful orgasmic states.

It’s also depleting your vitality and your creative energy.

Instead, just stop all the stimulation, and completely relax your body.
Take long breaths, with extra long exhalations.
Move your hands up your body, thus allowing the sexual energy to move and circulate.

Then, when you feel your pleasure subsided a bit, resume your stimulation, and get yourself back to that zone just before the P.N.R, relax again, and so on.

Keep doing that for two hours, constantly “edging” on the verge of orgasm, and you will realize that all along, you have been on an orgasmic state, instead of experiencing a single orgasmic peak.

There are other techniques which you or your partner can do, such as “climbing the hill”, “the pause”, the “hip-hop”, resetting the mind’s “orgasm-timer”, and other methods, for both men and women.

If you’re interested to know more, download the free sample of my book “Orgasm Unleashed”.