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Dansual – Sensual partnered dance (Video)

Dansual (Dance+Sensual) is a new dance form that empowers you to dance with another person in a simple, natural, and fun way.
If you choose, it can also be sensual, to whatever level both of you feel comfortable with.

– Engage in partnered dance with a few simple principles, not “moves” or “techniques”
– You don’t need to follow the rhythm, count the beats or memorize a sequence of steps
– Instead, you learn to be in your body, feel their body, follow your intuition and flow together.
– The freedom to dance anywhere, to any kind of music, with anyone, even if they think they don’t know how to dance
– Learn how to effortlessly lead and follow
– And enjoy fun, safe and exciting dances with others
– “If you can walk, you can dance”

While most forms of dance forbid sensual expression between dance partners, Dansual embraces it.

The goal isn’t to “get off” but rather to bring all of you into the dance – to express your loving, sensual, raw and sacred aspects.

You can dance with your partner, or you can dance with others, and that’s all it is – a dance.


Dansual invites a man to lead a woman and a woman to follow and surrender to a man’s guidance.
Thus, both of them go to places neither can go on their own.
You can also reverse these roles if you choose.
Actually the leader learns how to feel and “meet” the follower where they’re at, and you both lose yourself in the flow of the dance.

“Our relationship was great, but he could never dance with me. After attending your class, we dance together – everywhere!”.
“I was hesitant at first but it felt safe and it was so much fun!”
“I’m now the first one on the dance floor”.


One tribe festival, 31/December, 10:30pm at Pyramid 2.


I have been dancing since i was a child.
But i could only dance alone.
I was afraid to dance with women, I didn’t know “the moves”, and didn’t want to make a fool out of myself.
So i’ve studied and practiced many dance forms, and since then partnered dancing is one of my favorite things in the world.
In many dance classes i saw that people were too much in their heads, stressed about the steps, doing techniques without feeling the body, and constantly feeling inadequate.
After many people asked me where i learned to dance, I created this dance form to show people how easy it is to dance together.

Dansual is currently being taught in Thailand and parts of it are included in my weekend workshops and retreats.

To know about upcoming dance events, follow my fb page.

If you would like to organize a dance workshop or event in your city, please contact me at [email protected]