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Courtney Maria Halsted reviews Eyal’s mentoring for sexual healers

“I want to give big shout out to my friend Eyal of A few weeks ago I asked Eyal to give me a tutoring session on giving hands off (or mostly hands off) energetic orgasm sessions.

I asked one of my good friends to be the model and it just so happened that her experience of herself was that she was not able to have ‘energetic orgasms.’ By her own words, she had had sessions with some of the biggest masters on the world scene and ‘not much had happened.’ (paraphrase) And I’m talking orgasm rock stars. The people you pay 1000s of dollars to have a session with.

I don’t believe that she could still run that story because what I saw was a woman truly opening to that aspect of herself. It was so beautiful and opening and incredibly powerful. I can hold a lot of energy (I’ve run events with up to 70 people going into peak states), but even I was blown out after only watching for an hour.

What I really got to see during this tutorial session is his mastery in the realm of orgasm and orgasmic energy. That Eyal is a sexual healer. For real.

At the end of the session I had to acknowledge him in this role and pay respect. One healer to another recognising the power and mastery of what he does and what he is capable of in this role. I was deeply moved.

Eyal, you are a master at what you do. You honestly have a capacity to heal using sexual and orgasmic energy that is at an international level of mastery.”

~Courtney Maria, Fierce mystic,

More info and videos on Eyal’s sexual healing and energy work sessions, also available on skype – click here.