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Conscious business as a spiritual tantric practice

Conscious business is the art of creating value by sharing your gift and serving others.

Marketing is the art of creating resonance between yours and your ideal client’s core values.

Money and wealth are the external symbols of value creation and exchange.
Joy, fulfillment, purpose and meaning, are the inner symbols.
The combination of both brings us into harmony and alignment.

Conscious sales is the art of empowering others to face their fears, take responsibility and invest in themselves.

Conscious business is the art of making money by doing what you love, serving others, and aligning with universal principals.

Conscious business is the union between Shiva and Shakti, between spirit and matter, between the eternal and the transitory.

Conscious Business is the alchemy of all 7 chakras:
1. Muladhara/Root – Material abundance and security
2. Svadistana/Sacral – Creativity and social ability
3. Manipura/Navel – Action, will power, courage and determination
4. Anahta/Heart – Love for yourself and others
5. Vishuddha/Throat – Intuition and higher creativity
6. Ajna/Third-eye – Clarity, discernment, focus of mind
7. Sahasrara/Crown – Detachment; Spiritual connection; and dedication of your actions to the divine.

Our purpose, also known as our dharma, is to create and share the highest forms and levels of value, meaning, service and contribution, for ourselves and for others.


After so many years of alternating between spirituality and business, judging myself for being either greedy and non-spiritual or on the other hand not grounded, and poor, i finally see the bigger picture, better able to accept and integrate all aspects of the spiritual realm, the human drama, and the physical heaven we are living in.


Do you want to do what you love, help others and make shit loads of money?

It will not be “cheap” because YOU ARE NOT CHEAP, your gifts are not cheap.

It will not be “expensive” because you can always CHOOSE to afford what is really important to your life purpose.

It will not be easy, at first, because you will have to own your fears, limiting beliefs and disempowering tendencies, and to DO THE WORK.

It will not be instant, over-night, magic-pill style thing, because I will need to help you change the thinking, language and actions that you were ADDICTED to for 10, 20 or more years.

But at least it will not take you the 10-15 years it has taken me to figure it out.

And the joy, fulfillment, sense of meaning and purpose will BLOW YOUR MIND, open your heart, charge your body, and probably make you tingle and shake !

So, if you are really committed, contact me to learn more.
Serious and appropriate inquiries only.



  1. This is awesome hon. Something Ive been thinking about a lot lately. I also had the opportunity to ask this question to Danielle La Porte recently. How do we reconcile the relationship between Spirituality and Business? It took us into a place of discussing the fact that many of us see the two as very separate. That we seem to think that aspiring for qualities such as humility and love is incongurent to self-promotion and selling. This article nails a lot of these questions. The chakra system is also such an awesome business model, you’ve outlined that really well here.
    Keep up the awesome work

    • Thanks Hun.
      I see many people that come from spiritual circles have these dichotomy.
      What we did in TantraIsLove is an example of going beyond these issues, offering a quality product, changing people’s life, and still charging more than others in the field.
      I was so excited to realize the connections between all the chakras to how a conscious business can operate. Glad you’ve liked it.
      Glad to see the upcoming Tantra Yoga series in Melbourne.

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