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Case study – How this woman changed her limiting beliefs with Eyal’s book

I just wanted to write and let you know how much your free ebook has helped me grow in the last two months. I found the progression of questions thoughtful and insightful—it got my gears turning and helped me go deeper each time.

What really stuck with me was the list of limiting beliefs. I poured out about 15 limiting beliefs ranging from “I am dirty” to “Only weak men love me.” This was such a revelation because even though they looked obscene on paper, I knew that these were my “truths”—those core values that were in my heart. I then realized that those values are directly connected to how my mother feels about herself, and it all fell into place. I took those beliefs, wrote out direct counters to them, and ritualistically deleted the old ones. I have had my new list on my door where I see it every morning before I leave and I can feel the new beliefs settling into my heart, such that I don’t even remember a lot of the original negative versions.

So thank you Eyal!

Thank you so much for your work and for offering that book for free.

My very best,


Read Eyal’s free ebook and change your limiting beliefs here