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Can you finally love and be who you really are?

Recently i had a big challenge around my branding, that I shared on my FB page:

I’m known as a sexuality and orgasm expert, and this is what “IntimatePower” is about.
But the work i’ve been doing with people for years actually involves:
– Self love, inner peace and spirituality
– Sexuality, relationships, gender,
– Creativity and Conscious/social business; expressing your creative gifts and turning them into services and products that benefit people
– Purpose/mission
– Wealth mindset
– Lifestyle, travel, freedom
– Solo and partnered dance, ecstatic dance DJing and facilitation
… and my message is the expression and integration of some or all of these themes in both the personal and professional.

I felt that these themes are too broad to be included in my brand IntimatePower.
I was afraid that people will come for biz advice but will be turned off by the sexuality content, or vice versa.

And deep down inside, the question, or rather, the FEAR was:

Can I really share all parts of myself?

This has been and still is my journey, and what i help others do.

Years ago i was hiding my genital herpes situation, and when I came out with it publicly (first in front of my tantra school, then on FB, youtube and my website), i felt a sense of freedom and power, and one of my friends asked me to make love with her, which was loving, sacred, and very orgasmic. We’re friends to this day.

Then I was hiding how much I love business and money.
When I started talking about it online, I suddenly attracted more clients that came for me because, they said, “You’re the only coach who integrates sexuality, creativity and business”.

And recently, when i shared about my vulnerability, depression and addiction, i received more replies than on any email i’ve ever sent. My sharing inspired others.

So after dozens of discussions on my FB post, I decided to use IntimatePower to share everything that i’m passionate about.

I feel a renewed sense of freedom, it’s easier to create and share, i already shared an interview with an Ecstatic Dance DJ, and there’s new projects in the pipeline.


What excites, inspires, turns on, motivates and touches my heart is seeing people overcome their limitations, recognize their many talents and gifts, and share them with others for both love and money.

In over a decade of doing this work, this is what i have found out:

Your joy, power, creativity, wealth, fulfillment, success are all dependent on how deeply you love all parts of yourself, even those parts that you are unsure of, insecure about, or even ashamed of.

Your brightest light often hides in your darkest shadows.

You can’t be/do/have something if you don’t love it first.

You can’t overcome something if you don’t love it first, and love yourself.

You can’t help others with something if you haven’t loved and accepted it in yourself.

And then, there’s another part.

Loving and accepting all parts of yourself is the first step, but it is the next step that brings the deepest transformations:



How much you are able to express and share all of yourself with your partner, friends, colleagues, and the world (via social media), IS what brings effortless and continuous joy, power, creativity, wealth, fulfillment, success… because you just share who you really are.

So my question to you is:

What is one thing that you have been judging about yourself that you can finally accept and love?

What is one thing (same or another) that you are tired of hiding and wanna share with the world?

How can you do that today, this week, this coming month ?

When you do share this publicly, how is this going to improve your life and work?

Do you have a friend you can partner up with as an accountability buddy to support each other in sharing the TRUTH of who you are ?

Share the answers to these questions on my private women’s or men’s fb groups.
(What? You’re not in there yet ? What are you waiting for?
There are beautiful sharings and conversations, and i support people for free)

If you need my support in private, book a “taster session” here.

So, here’s all of me, to bring out all of YOU.

with love,