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The Blissrunner Podcast Interview with Suzanna Miller

I was recently interviewed by Suzanna Miller from The Blissrunner Podcast. I was the first guest in her podcast where women share their stories of sexual awakening. Here, I shared my journey from being a young boy who witnessed a rape, through my years of training in yoga, meditation and Tantra, to my mission to help women heal from sexual trauma to access their full erotic potential. I’ve shared a couple of tips for getting started down the road toward greater sexual pleasure, including:

• To take the focus off of the clitoris in order to experience orgasmic states rather than fleeting peak orgasms
• To commit to a practice of daily self pleasure for at least a month with a focus on pleasure states rather than peak orgasms
• To breathe, to move, and to vocalise when making love

Links discussed in the show:

How witnessing rape led Eyal to become a sexual healer

Free 70 page sample of “Orgasm Unleashed: Your Guide to Pleasure Healing and Power”

Eyal demonstrating how to guide a woman to an orgasmic state.

People can schedule a free 15 minutes discovery session with Eyal.


And for men…

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