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Article in “Change Magazine NL” by Judith Webber

Judith Webber, a journalist who is also a public speaker and life coach, has attended my sexuality workshop in Rotterdam, and wrote about it in “Change” Magazine in the Netherlands.

This is the first coverage by a magazine for me and my workshops since I left Australia.



When you were younger, what have you been told about your body, about allowing yourself to enjoy, or about how sex can be? No matter how happy your childhood has been, many of us have been tremendously influenced regarding our sexuality – consciously or unconsciously – even if it was only someone telling you that we shouldn’t touch ourselves, especially not in the company of others. Or maybe you have been affected because your parents were prudish. People being secretive about sexuality. And how does this still influence your life now?

This was one of the questions that Eyal asked during an exercise in the weekend workshop ‘Unleash Your Pleasure Power’. It was shocking how much pain turned out to be inside everyone. It was sensible (in energy), audible (we screamed and cried it out) and visible (tears flowed down our cheeks, also after the exercise). And yes, me too! I got the insight that as a flowering teenager, I was told that I should not show my body. Because men can not handle that – that was the conviction that fixed itself into my system at the time, unconsciously of course. And that was only one aspect of the whole. But it already took me years to get rid of that part, I can tell you.

I also became conscious of the fact that I did not allow myself everything on the sexual level, and that this also caused the fact that I didn’t allow others to have it all either. Conclusion: I wasn’t giving myself fully. I already gained this insight before the training, but the wonderful thing is that I moved from knowing this to actually feeling it. In one of the exercises, I literally felt my own resistance in my body. I noticed I was making up stories with which I was blocking myself to fully surrender in the exercises. I thought that was very interesting. Luckily I became conscious of it, so that I had a choice. Now I am somebody who likes to go through things, and so I did. With an astonishing effect – I got to experience a full-body orgasm, without the use of hands and just by myself.

Now maybe this sounds more like sex than it was. Because actually, I kept my clothes on in the entire workshop. And the touch – as far was there was any – was not genital. We actually learned what is possible without any touch, with breathing, movement, visualisation and … making sounds. With the latter I still had quite a lot of shame – I already discovered during the introduction night. So that’s something I also went through. Or to put it more accurately, I started making sounds that suited the way I felt. And the beauty was – exactly like Eyal said – the sound that you make, amplifies what you feel. And also lengthens it, because as long as you make sounds, your brain thinks: “hey, something’s happening”, and so that’s what you experience! A very special phenomenon..

I am also completely surprised about the power of visualisation. I had an idea it could work strongly, but what I have experienced with it is simply mind-blowing. That is definitely one of Eyal’s great talents, to show a totally different perspective on subjects of which I thought that I had a clear idea of how it actually works. Turns out I did not! And the wonderful thing is that you directly feel that what he says is right, it connects to a deep knowing – I think that is the best way to describe it. You hear it and think “oh yes, of course!”.

Eyal is a master in connecting theory to practice. He explained a lot of stuff and how it works before we did any exercises, a bit like we used to be taught in biology class. My conclusion is that it is quite shocking how little we know of our own bodies and what gives us pleasure, while we are all so capable of this. We are all worth gold! We just have to remember it, also in our body!
Judith Webber likes to inspire people to take their mask off, to show themselves and make the right choices with that, bring direction into their life and act from purity. She does this as a coach/trainer, writer and speaker.


judith weber article in change magazine netherlands




Thank you Judith.