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Are explosive orgasms actually serving you ?

Does your clit becomes over-sensitive immediately after you have a clitoral orgasm?

Does your pleasure, interest, desire, or connection with your partner suddenly drop?

Do you feel satisfied on a deep level?

In the previous article in the series, I’ve described the characteristics of, and differences between, clitoral and vaginal orgasms.
If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read a comparison of clitoral and vaginal orgasms and why the latter might be serving you in, um, deeper ways.

So, why does your clit become over-sensitive, why does your pleasure drop, and why aren’t you satisfied on a deep level?

Modern science has come up with some excellent historical, social, and biological reasons for some of these conditions. For example, the balance between oxytocin, dopamine, prolactin, and other neurotransmitters, makes you attracted to a potential mate and have sex, but after orgasm, the hormonal balance shifts, and your body gears for potential pregnancy.

The ancient science of Tantra and Yoga has other explanations.

During sexual stimulation, energy is built up in the genital area, specifically in the 2nd chakra. Stimulating the clitoris causes this energy to be volatile, and creates a downward flow of energy. Thus, the pleasure will be perceived mostly in the genital or pelvic area. It might feel “heavy”, “stagnant”, or “sticky”.

In the moment of a clitoral orgasm, the built-up sexual energy is exploding downwards, outwards, and away from the body. Some women are actually aware of this direction of energy flow, and the feeling/sensation of expelling or losing the energy.

Think of it like a pressure cooker. It’s much faster to cook something with a pressure cooker, because of the intense pressure and heat locked inside the pot.
It’s a kind of energy.
If you release the pressure valve, and let off the steam, you disperse the energy. It will take some time for the pressure to build up again.

Now imagine the pressure cooked is faulty, and that once the pressure is built, the lid flies apart, and all the heat it lost instantly.

An orgasm that comes from clitoral stimulation is similar to that – For most women, it’s experienced as an explosion.

explosive orgasm

explosive orgasm

A clitoral orgasm is an explosive orgasm, as the sexual energy is exploded downwards, out of and away from your body.
You lose the energy that you just had, the energy that was created and cultivated during the stimulation.

This loss of energy is what causes you to lose interest and connection, and sometimes feel depleted, and shallow.
This is why there is a refractory period also for women, during which you don’t want to receive clitoral stimulation, and are unable to reach another orgasm for a few minutes or sometimes hours.
This is why you might feel unsatisfied on a deeper level, because you have lost something, not attained something.

Furthermore, if you have frequent clitoral orgasms, with some of the effects described above, you are robbing yourself off your power. This energy is what makes you strong, independent, empowered, creative and successful. Having a lot of clitoral orgasms also makes your menstruation longer and heavier, and the side effects stronger.

So this is why explosive orgasms might not serve you.

A man’s ejaculatory orgasm is also an explosive orgasm, because the sexual energy is released and expelled from the body in the form of sperm. Notice how men lose not just their erection, but also their arousal, their presence, their vitality, and their connection with you.

Why is a vaginal orgasm so different than a clitoral orgasm?

A vaginal orgasm takes longer to build, it rises and expands gradually, it unfolds slower, and continues to reverberate throughout your body for long minutes, and sometimes hours and days. Your clitoris doesn’t become hyper sensitive, and you can receive continuous stimulation while and after your orgasm.
Such an orgasm feels different – it’s not just longer or stronger. It also feels deeper and more meaningful.

That’s because an orgasm that comes from vaginal stimulation is an implosive orgasm – The sexual energy is imploded, retained and circulated within your body. Many women would describe this orgasm as waves of pleasure which are expanding and rising in their body – towards the upper body but also pervading their entire body.
These orgasms can last for long minutes and even hours, because as long as you keep your energy, you are able to use it to orgasm again. It’s like cooking a stew in that pressure pot – As long as you keep the lid on, it will stay hot for hours after you turn the fire off.

But it’s not just about the pleasure.
This kind of orgasm is nourishing for your body and soul.
At its best, it connects you to your feminine essence, to your partner, to others, to life.
It charges your self confidence, empowers you as a woman, fuels your career, and makes you more successful.
It brings you in touch with your creativity, with your essence, with god.


To conclude, it’s obvious that these two kinds of orgasm are very different in their experience, and in their effect on you and others around you.

It’s important to remember that clitoral orgasms aren’t deadly, and they aren’t a sin.

There isn’t something morally wrong with them, or with you having them; you wouldn’t go to hell.

But if you realize that one kind depletes and dis-empowers you, and the other kind charges and empower you, which one would you choose?
However, don’t think that you have to give up your clitoris.

It is an important, beautiful and sacred part of your body.

And the best thing is – It’s possible to receive intense prolonged clitoral stimulation, to enjoy those clitoral sensations, and transform them into continuous states of whole body orgasms, which charges and empowers you.

How to do that?

To learn how to turn clitoral stimulation into whole body orgasms, click here.


How does the idea of implosive vs explosive orgasms resonate with you?

How do you experience the difference between them?


  1. Hi Eyal, I have just discover tantra and was lucky enough to attend a 1 day workshop with Emma. I am eager to learn more about tantra and incorporating it into all aspects of my life. I understand the explosive orgasm and I was just wondering about female ejaculation ? is it considered an explosive orgasm ?

    • Hey Jillian.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Female ejaculation which is caused by intense clitoral stimulation, and which results in that hyper-sensitive sensation, is explosive, and a woman loses energy through it.
      Female orgasm which is caused by internal stimulation, mainly of the g-spot, although possibly very abundant, is not considered explosive, and the woman does not lose energy.

      • Yay thanks for the reply Eyal, the reason why I asked is because I’m a female ejaculator and I agree when I squirt from direct clit stimulation it is definitely explosive and sucks the energy out of me and sends me lar lar but my clit doesn’t become hypo sensitive !!! and I can still happily continue being stimulated on my clit straight afterward ? plus I also ejaculate from penetration and from giving Fellatio, the major difference is its not as taxing on the energy levels and I don’t go as lar lar. The clit squirt is generally a thicker liquid than with the squirt liquid is from penetration and Fellatio. I also orgasm through the G spot, uterus and cervix but never had any other type ! I think I must be imploding the others but I definitely don’t know how to breath properly ! I’m a bit confused.

        • Jillian, I love it that you describe exactly what i experienced (with lovers and clients) before i even shared it in public.

          It doesn’t matter that your clit doesn’t become hyper-sensitive. If you are aware of the loss of energy – it means you had an explosive one.

          Practice what i just described in my latest post – turn clitoral stimulation to whole body orgasms, and let me know if it works for you.

          It’s great that you ejaculate from penetration and from giving head. I know women who ejaculated when dancing or meditating.

          You are right (again) and clit-ejaculation is indeed thicker than internally-stimulated ejaculation or squirt.
          It also doesn’t taste or smell as nice as the inner stuff.

          It’s great that you are having all these kinds of orgasms, especially the cervix orgasm.

          What are you confused about ?

          Experiment with orgasming and staying up on the wave, in the orgasm, for as long as you can, and then some.
          I will cover extended orgasms in one of my upcoming posts.

          Thanks for sharing !

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  4. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info.
    I’m happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please
    stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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