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Please find Eyal’s media kit here.

Eyal has been featured in the following media:

August 2018

Be The Best You Podcast/ Embracing Our Sexuality and the Female Orgasm

Consumer Health Digest/ What Does Orgasmic Really Mean?

January 2018

ProudToBeKinky Podcast/ Orgasm Unleashed with Eyal Matsliah
Stereo-typed Podcast/ Female Orgasms and Empowerment

October 2017

Iland TV/ Iland TV Interviews Eyal

The First Social / Radio Interview

September 2017

Tantra Wisdom by Anita DeFrancesco/ Orgasm Unleashed with Guest Eyal Matsliah

Intimacy TV/ What’s Really Missing From Your Seemingly Perfect Life

August 2017

Huffington Post/ Emotionality: 7 Effective Ways to Deal with Emotions

July 2017

“The Hook up on Triple J/ABC / Dealing with premature ejaculation

The Divine Masculine/ Awaken Your Divine Masculine Summit – Interview

George Wilder Jr. Show on BlogTalkRadio Network/ Eyal Matsliah, Sexual Empowerment Coach on the George Wilder Jr. Show

Mission Driven: The Long Short Way Podcast/ How to Develop Your Sexuality Without Compromising Your Values

June 2017

The Awakening Men/ Interview with Eyal Matsliah

The Blissrunner Podcast/ Orgasm Unleashed with Eyal Matsliah

April 2017

Orgasmic Discourses with Mariah Freya/ Intimate Power with Eyal

Fran Woodruff Podcast/ Interview with Eyal Matsliah for Virgins, Whores and Temple Goddesses series – an exploration of women’s sexuality, sensuality and authentic way of being in the world.

March 2017

Amber Leitz Podcast/ Hour-Long Orgasms, Deep Sexual Healing & Surrendering to the Masculine with Eyal Matsliah

Lucia Gabriela/ How sexual empowerment transforms your life with Eyal Matsliah

February 2017

Melissa Ambrosini Podcast/ Unleashing Your Orgasm For Pleasure, Healing And Power With Eyal Matsliah

An Inspired Life Podcast/ Tantric Orgasms with Eyal Matsliah

The Sacred Medicine Podcast/ Beyond the Clitoral Orgasm with Eyal Matsliah

Huffington Post/ Conscious Career – The Seven Aspects of Being Paid for Doing What You Love

January 2017

Huffington Post/ What’s really missing from your seemingly-perfect life?

The Successful Make/ Is There Something Missing From Your Seemingly Perfect Life?

December 2016

Helena Nista/ I Am a Slut – My Coming Out Story

Huffington Post/ Unconventional Female Orgasm Secrets That Actually Work

November 2016

Tantrapunk/ Resisting the Compulsion to Ejaculation

Omooni/ 20 Mistakes That Prevent Men From Lasting as Long as They Want

Huffington Post/ Is your partner supporting you or stopping you from growing?

October 2016

Huffington Post/ Are we sexually repressed and don’t know it?

Omooni/ 5 Steps to Full Ejaculation Control and Kundalini Orgasms

September 2016

Terra Femina/ 9 Tips to Have the Best orgasm of Your Life (In french)

My Tiny Secrets/ 7 Different Orgasms You Need to Have Now [For Chicas?]

Forge Your Life Podcast/ FYL Podcast Episode #053- Eyal Matsliah | Intimate Power

Susana Frioni Podcast/ Unleash your orgasm with Eyal Matsliah

August 2016

Casey Radio/ Interview With Dr. Linda Wilson on 97.7 Casey Radio

My Tiny Secrets / Ejaculation Is So Oldschool – The Cool Kids Don’t Ejaculate

My Tiny Secrets / 7 Simple Techniques to Extend Your Next Orgasm

Your Primal Essence/ Hacking Masculinity: 12 Hacks to Help Men Be Awesome


July 2016

Subtle Disruptors / Eyal Matsliah: Embracing our sexuality for an integrated life – SDMEL24

June 2016

Unstagnate / Interview on “Unstagnate” by Almog Flitter 

April 2016

Bustle / How To Solve Common Sexual Issues, Because They May Be Mental, Physical, Or Both / Should I refrain from sex until I find love (In Hebrew)

March 2016

Your Tango12 Unconventional Tips To Reach The Best Orgasm You’ve Ever Had!

Bustle8 Things Every Woman Should Do Alone At Least Once

Your Tango8 Different Kinds Of Female Orgasms And How To Make Them Happen

February 2016

Live Tantra / Interview by Shashi Solluna of “Live Tantra” about “Orgasm Unleashed”

3CR Radio InterviewInterview by Jude Alexander

November 2015

My Tiny Secrets7 Simple Techniques to Extend Your Next Orgasm ♡

Your Tango7 Ways Faking It Can Actually Help You Orgasm

Your TangoFemale Orgasm: 9 ways to cultivate an orgasmic state of mind

September 2015

SoundCloudElise Savaresse from the ‘Self pleasure revolution’ interviews Eyal

June 2015

Raw Attraction MagazineHow Sound Will Give You Stronger Orgasms (GUARANTEED)

March 2015

Loving domination, masculine essence and worshipping the feminine /Male Sexual Power with Eyal

August 2014

Change magazineArticle by Judith Webber (In dutch)

July 2014

Mariah FreyaSexuality, mission, and chocolate – Interviewed by Mariah Freya of Orgasmic Discourses

December 2013

Elephant JournalHow I became a Sexual Healer ~ Eyal Matsilah {Trigger Warning}

October 2013

Elephant Journal7 Effective Ways To Deal With Emotion. ~ Eyal Now

March 2012

YouTubeTantra, sexuality, and ejaculation control – Interviewed by Shae Mathews