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Why a woman could take sex advice from a man (Guest post)

This is a guest post by “Bree”, one of my avid readers.


Here’s Why You SHOULD Take Sex Advice From A Man

Did you just roll your eyes?

Don’t worry…I totally understand if you did. I did the same thing once. As a woman, the thought of taking sex advice from a man was initially a big leap of faith, coming from a point of curiosity.

Who knew that a man has so much to offer women in terms of understanding about their sexuality?

Apparently Eyal IS a big deal. I have been a fan of his work ever since I read about an article he did on the different types of orgasms women can experience. And he did good by writing “Orgasm Unleashed “- a wHOLE BOOK dedicated to female orgasms.

Now, I am neither a sex kitten nor a sex expert. Sex was taboo. Sex was bad. Add onto that the mistaken assumption that the clitoral orgasm was the only way to climax. For a long time, I have lived under an unnecessary amount of pressure trying hard to orgasm and getting frustrated at not being able to get ‘there’….wherever ‘there’ was. I believed that I was frigid and stiff and was not capable of understanding my own sexual needs.

“When you expand your understanding of orgasm, your orgasm will expand” ~Eyal Matsliah

Orgasm Unleashed is a gift to all women because it is a calling to return to the wisdom of being a woman and to pay attention to your own needs and to your self. The relief, the release and the freedom was immense the moment I understood that mini-orgasms are also orgasms.

One of my favorite exercises from this book is the ‘self pleasure tapas.’
Taking a tapas means you make a commitment to do a particular kind of spiritual practice for a certain time period.

My first attempt failed miserably. I tried to do the self- love exercises but I couldn’t do it. I found it too hard and I almost gave up in frustration.

I tried again and decided to make my goal very simple: every day for 30 days I committed to thinking about sex. EVERY SINGLE DAY. In whatever form it would take, I would think about sex.

I decided to let my self-love tapas be about honoring and connecting to my body and myself.
It was not about how many orgasms I could have or how many times I would have sex. It has become about self-discovery, self-acceptance, compassion and learning to love myself exactly where I am- understanding that the journey is more important.

I am now on Day 28 and this exercise has been very insightful. Some days I have written about a sexual experience I have had and what breakthroughs came about as a result. I recently just had my first vocal experience, which felt oddly liberating.

In this process of self-inquiry, I have learnt how sexuality affects my whole life and the delicate connection between my sexuality and my creativity. An integrated life requires you to embrace your sexuality. I have come face to face with some not-so-good memories about sex that have brought me to confront issues that need to be dealt with.

My biggest take home from this exercise has been the joy of sticking to learning about what sex means to me.

I know understand that my sexuality is a gift.

Get a copy of Eyal’s book “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power” on paperback or kindle.

You will be pleasantly surprised by what a man can teach a woman about her sexuality.