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Why multiple orgasms are just the beginning

If you have read my previous articles (see here), you are more aware of the orgasmic potential of your body. Perhaps you have been practicing some of the techniques I’ve shared and you might already be experiencing some orgasms beyond the simple clitoral orgasm. Many women will be satisfied with that, and that’s okay.
But what I want to share with you is that an orgasm is just the beginning. If you are able to experience orgasm, then you can experience multiple orgasms or expand and deepen your orgasm to last long minutes or even an hour… or more!
This won’t necessarily feel like an orgasmic peak anymore, but more of a long orgasmic state. And although milder, these feel more profound.

I once facilitated a sexual healing session for a German woman in her late twenties. She came to me for assistance because she hardly ever orgasmed. During our session she was able to experience a few kinds of bodily orgasm – a long and intense orgasmic state, very deep pleasure sensations and a semi-trance state. But that was just the beginning. She stayed in a mild state of bliss for about three days that also included some pleasure sensations and a feeling of energy running through her body.
Many of my clients have had similar experiences to this. These women, and others who have attended my workshops, have been able to experience extended orgasms not because of anything I did but because I shared the idea that an orgasm can be a prolonged state and not just a momentary peak. Since most of my coaching work is done via skype, I don’t even touch many of my clients; I simply coach and guide them to stay in the orgasm and to deepen it.
The important thing for you to understand is that these results are not about me or my ‘magic fingers’. What enables these women to have these orgasmic experiences is an understanding of what an orgasm really is, some techniques that help discover orgasmic potential and the permission (from self) to stay in the orgasm and deepen it.

Multiple orgasms are just the beginning
Sometimes when people become more orgasmic or start practicing Tantra, they begin to experience multiple orgasms or facilitate them for others. Unfortunately, this can bring about a tendency to engage in an amateur sport known as ‘orgasm counting’. You might hear these people say something like, ‘I gave a woman twenty orgasms’ or ‘I had thirty orgasms last night’.

There’s nothing wrong with multiple orgasms! It’s great to have them, facilitate them for others and to feel good about it too. The problem is that many people stop here, believing that multiple orgasms are the peak of the sexual experience.
If you are still able to count your orgasms, they may not be all that strong. And if he’s counting them, he’s missing the point. That is why I sometimes say that ‘multiple orgasms are for beginners’.
Once you experience multiple orgasms, it’s possible and actually quite easy to experience what I referred to in my orgasm book as a ‘plateau orgasm’ or an ‘intense orgasmic state’. You can either experience individual peaks of orgasm that lengthen into an orgasmic state or have so many orgasms, that you realise it’s just one long state of orgasm.
As good as multiple orgasms are, they are just one step along the path that I call the pleasure path or ‘the continuum of pleasure’.

The continuum of pleasure
Once you learn to acknowledge and recognise the orgasmic nature of every pleasurable sensation, you can gradually go into much greater depths of pleasure and orgasm.
Follow me down the pleasure path for a moment:

  • A simple sensation turns into a pleasurable sensation and then into the experience of pleasure.
  • Sustained continuous pleasure turns into an orgasm.
  • Your orgasm becomes multiple orgasms, peaking every few minutes or even every thirty seconds, usually intensifying from one to the next.
  • Orgasmic peaks become successive and very rapid or individual peaks lengthen into one long, continuous orgasm. You experience an intense orgasmic state. Sometimes you can still recognise individual peaks, but even the ‘valleys’ between the peaks are an orgasmic experience by themselves.
    Usually the continuous orgasmic state is initially intense and physical but gradually it can become more subtle, with less physical manifestations and less body awareness.
  • When one continuous orgasm becomes deep enough and long enough, it can turn into a meditative orgasmic state.
  • Staying in a meditative orgasmic state for a long time is a mild expression of enlightenment.
  • Therefore, a small wave of pleasure can lead you to a kind of enlightenment on the continuum of pleasure.

To conclude:
Sensation > Pleasure wave > Mild orgasmic state > Orgasm > Multiple Orgasms > Intense orgasmic state > Meditative orgasmic state > Enlightenment

Knowing what’s possible and having an orgasmic attitude is fundamental to expanding and deepening the orgasmic experiences you have. And the first limitation to address is the time pressure and expectation many women place on orgasm.

In the next article in this series, we will look at the many things you could do to experience these long orgasmic states.