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Welcome sex-campers

Oh My Dear God !!!!

Sexcamp festival was one of the best festivals (not just about sexuality) i’ve ever been to, and the weekend was profound.

Grace, joy, suffering, pleasure, gratitude, intensity, subtleness, deep insights, dancing, juicy interactions, painful realizations, stillness, love, friendships, brotherhood and manly love, worshiping of the feminine, amazing food, nature,  connection, new friends, pride and humility, a sense of “this is yet another HUGE reason why I came back to Melbourne”.

The two sessions I held were among the best and most profound that i’ve ever held.

I was supposed to hold a similar workshop to what i’ve done in the past – Pleasure, orgasms, etc – but on the morning of the festival scraped that and created a brand new workshop with content and exercises i’ve been yearning to share for a while.

This new workshop,”Loving domination”, was relaxedly-intense, effortless, flowing, insightful, sacred, fulfilling, pleasure-filled and i heard great feedback from participants.

The “Naughty bottom” exercise I shared was from the inspiring John Hawken at “Dark Eros”. Read more here. It was funny to see “Naughty bottom” turn into a code word.

And then, holding “Tantra the next level” with Emma Power of Tantra Is Love was unbelievably deep, spiritual, profound, transcendent, and I felt held and guided like never before. It was beautiful, meaningful and powerful to teach with Emma again.
Grace and guidance was flowing like being gently electrocuted.
I was fucked open to god by the profundity of the experience, of what we were channeling, and witnessing the effects on the participants.

and then…

Sasha Cobra reminded me of the “power of the subtle”.
She spoke of effortlessness and relaxation, simplicity and stillness, of naturaleness and non-doing – All Ideas I’ve heard before and embraced in my spiritual practice and more and more in my life, but know I realize I can embrace them, embody them more in my sexuality, relationship and teachings. Check out the events she’s holding in Melbourne soon.

Thank you ALL ALL ALL the people who were there, specifically Courtney Maria Halsted , Vanessa Florence , Alani Kelly , Peter Walkingourworld Thomas, Emma power, Bruce Joy , Richard Mueck (who embraced his “inner eyal” and done an awesome impression of me), Jo Jo Balmforth , and everyone I talked with, danced with, had in my workshop or attended theirs.

The music I played at the tent after the closing ceremony was the S.O.L .DJ-set (free download!) by the Iranian-German musician NU.

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